Saved from Doom

           Sana, Rana, Sobia, and Shaila were best friends.  They always did everything together and stayed as a united team of girls.  Everyone who saw them were either envious or jealous.  Others would look at them with longing or want.  One day, all the friends went for a picnic. All their families were there too.  They were enjoying the breeze as well as the hiking trails.

          The spot they had chosen was on the third level of Stowe Mountain. After refreshments, they went off, with permission from parents, to explore and talk as they discovered things.  They were so busy enjoying the sights and views that they didn’t notice a figure moving in the bushes, following them! The figure was dressed in black and his hungry eyes were heart curdling to look at!  It tagged along, quietly, with the friends, although they weren’t far from headquarters.

          Then suddenly, Sana saw a sharp item stuck to a piece of cloth ahead of them!  She alerted the team and pointed to the item.  The friends looked in shock at the shiny thing, which was a dagger, and the cloth, a shirt piece covered with blood!  All the girls froze for a while then started moving into the trees surrounding them, reading Ayat-ul-Kursi as they went, cautiously.


          The power of Allah was the reason the figure was unable to keep track of the girls and when he looked, they had disappeared from his sight and returned to camp.  After they reached camp, they calmly broke the news to their parents, who all evacuated the area and alerted the rangers there. 


          The rangers met them at the first level and asked the exact location of the figure.  They described it as best they could and then left.  The shocking part for the rangers was that there were reports about sudden disappearances and a figure wandering hideously around these areas, but then the complaints had stopped and the area was scanned from top to bottom.  Also, the cases of disappearances happened at the first level all the time, this was the first they heard on the third level.


          Well, the figure was captured because this time the rangers went very stealthily and caught him in a trap that they set after figuring his exact location.  Also, the figure hadn’t been prepared for this one because he was a little far from his exact location.  But this time the rangers came prepared too.  The amazing news was that this was a common murderer who was wanted real badly, but for some reason he wasn’t captured.  Now finally, he was caught and the terror people had because of him was gone.  The newspapers had released the news the very next day with special thanks to Sana, Rana, Shaila, and Sobia.


          At school, the girls gained more reputation and their parents too were happy.  Although it was scary and adventurous, the girls never wanted to go through this kind of thing again!  They enjoyed natural adventures, but not criminal type!  So they carried on their adventures of helping and safety along with their normal lives!