An Adventure in Sierra Blanca

        Once there were 4 girls who were the bestest of best friends.  Their names were Rosa, Sarah, Shawna, and Ronda. They always were wanting to have some kind of adventure.  Something mysterious, challenging, scary, fun, & active.  They had been on some too.  Like one in which they went to Windy Willows, where a ghost met them and they fainted!  Also the one of Horrible Hunts, the amusement park, where a hideous creature nearly grabbed them for lunch and The Whispering Trees, in which they were tangled in branches till they used a wise strategy to escape.

          So, this is a about when they went to Sierra Blanca, a castle of the medieval times. It was, as usual, the pleasant weather for vacationing and much better for adventuring.  The girls were curious about that castle because they had heard a legend about it.  It was that a princess had been brought to this castle against her will and closed up in a secret room.  When she died, her corpse was not to be found.  After many years, tourists came to see this castle, but ran out terrified stating that they had seen a half body of a man and the princess’s ghost!

          The girls wanted to see for themselves if this was true, so they agreed to go and have a scan.  All, except Sarah, were willing, but Sarah, pushed by peers, also went.  As they neared the castle, people were advising them not to go and to turn back while they still could.  There were some folks who had gone in, but never returned!  But nothing would stop the girls from going.  They barely heard their remarks as they passed.  However, Sarah heard them and even advised to go back somewhere creepy, but safe.  But, no, the girls were determined to continue.

        So, having no choice, but to stick together, Sarah went too.  Upon entering,the girls looked round at the beautiful tapestries still visible.  They weren’t expecting anyone to be there, since they were all scared to death.  But when they leats expected it, a voice boomed from behind them, “Welcome ladies!”  “Aaaah!” shouted Sarah. “Sorry to startle you Madame,”  “My apologies for being rude.”  “But there are very few who come these days!”  “Show yourself mister!” shouted Rosa.  A shadow appeared & then a figure in a cape so dark, he was barely visible.  But as soon as the girls looked him top to bottom, they ran out screaming at the top of their lungs!

      “It was rude of me to hide myself ladies!”  “But please stay!”  But the girls ran without even giving it a chance to speak!  Outside, on the bridge, they panted and waited for their breaths to settle down so hey could go home, but before they could do so, a lady dressed in shining white appeared floatingly from the woods.  She was glowing, but with misery on her face.  “Help me….help me…these Barbarians have locked me to die!”  “Help me be FREE!” and with that she lunged towards them.  “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES,” shouted the girls!  They ran all the way home, without a pause even, and there, panting looked out to make sure no one followed them.  After ensuring no one was there, they all gave big sighs of relief, “PHEW!”  “Maybe….it wasn’t such a good idea….rright?”  asked Shawna.  “Yeah….” said Rosa. “Hey guys, let’s vow not to go to that creepy kind of places again.” said Ronda. “Deal?” asked Rosa. “DEAL!” shouted the rest.  Also, this adventure taught them a lesson and that was “Adults are not always wrong, but mostly right.” “And what they say is for your benefit!”  This they remembered this their whole life afterwards!