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The Whispering Trees of Boerne

One day, Sarah was walking through a clear and beautiful clearing which went into the mountainous trails beyond.  The flowers were abloom, the air was fresh, the wind was calm & cool, and animals were slowly waking.  For Sarah, a natural peace loving and kind natured girl, these places were very attractive.  So she set out, when the others weren’t there, to relax in peace.  On this certain day, she was roaming around, humming to herself and thinking what Rosa was going to come up with this time.  She loved spooky and suspenseful stuff.  Sarah didn’t like that much, but she didn’t want to be left out from the team.  Shawna and Ronda were twin sisters, so they usually stuck together and on group missions of adventure, for sure.

Now, as Sarah was going round the open grounds, she felt chills going down her spine.  It was as if there was an eerie presence around her.  Then suddenly, she felt as if the trees surrounding her were whispering.  Immediately, she ran out from that area all the way home.  When the day got brighter, she waited for Rosa’s arrival.

Around noon, Rosa arrived with the rest of the team.  “Hey Rosa, a really weird thing happened to me today!” she poured out in one breath.  “On one of your long peace walks I believe,” said Rosa.  “Yeah it was so scary!” shivered Sarah. “I was walking and singing, like usual, but then I felt all tingly!” continued Sarah, “Then I saw the trees whispering….or at least I think they were….” said Sarah.  “Whoa girls!” exclaimed Rosa, “Looks like we’re goin’ tree hunting today!” laughed Rosa.  “Are you sure about this?” asked Sarah rather alarmed, “What if…” she started, but Rosa cut in, “No what ifs, we’re going and that’s final!” she declared.  “Oh boy,” said Sarah, “Here we go again.” 

The girls got to the place in less than 10 min. since it was near Sarah’s house.  They entered the clearing with Rosa in the lead. “Wow! This place is awesome!” exclaimed Shawna.  “Yeah, good for picking flowers and chasing animals!” laughed Ronda, her twin. “Yeah, but just wait…you’ll feel different when you see these trees move or look like they do!” said Sarah under her breath.  “So far, nothing out of the ordinary Sarah,” said Rosa.  Right then, they all felt the trees were looking at them and whispering something.  “Oooook, now this is spooky,” said Rosa in a whisper, “You were right Sarah.” “They really are real!” said Ronda shaking.  “Yyyyeah, sooo…..let’s get a move on and go north shall we?” said Shawna trying to be calm.  “Aw, come on,” said Rosa, “We came here for fun right?”  “But these creepy trees are not fun, Rosa!” whined Sarah.  Before the girls could even move, the tree’s roots came up and tangled the girls up.  “Oh noooo!” they shrieked.  All of them tried to get free, but to no avail.  “Nice one Rosa!” the three of them grumbled.  “Hey, how did I know this was gonna happen?!” snapped Rosa.  “You had to listen to us,” said Sarah.  “Ok, ok, so I was wrong, but let’s focus on getting out now ok?” said Rosa meekly.  “How exactly, your leaderness?” squeaked Ronda squished.  “Gimme some time ok?” fumed Rosa, “And instead of complaining, help by thinking of a way out!”

Then, unexpectedly, one of the trees came forward and started speaking, “You all are in the Valley of Boerne!” boomed the tree, “You have trespassed on our grounds!” “Therefore, you will remain here as an example to others to not enter these premises.”  “Uhhh, mister see we didn’t know of you policy,” started Rosa, “So…can we go?”  “We promise not to return ever!” declared Rosa.  “No, for the council doesn’t give chances!” boomed the tree.  “What kind of rule is that?” frowned Rosa, “it’s hardly fair!”  “Our council doesn’t put rules, it just does what it wants!” replied the tree.  “So like, who’re you then?” blurted Rosa.  “I am one of the elderly members!” responded the tree, “I guard the young trees and dictate them.”  Meanwhile, Rosa had motioned the others to start struggling free, while she kept the tree talking.  “So, you told them to tie us up, huh?” frowned Rosa.  “No, the council did as I have mentioned.” said the tree.  “Ok, so we’ll keep in mind not to come again and warn others too, mister!” exclaimed Rosa, as she broke free of the roots.  “But tallyho!” “Woohoo!” she shouted as she and the others ran away from them.  Rustling cries followed, but no one came beyond the exit point!

After returning home, the girls pondered and discussed the day’s adventure.  “Say gals, why don’t we take a break for some time, eh?” squeaked Rosa.  “Yup!” “Uh huh!” “You said it!”  were the cries that followed.  “So let’s chill at the cream shop with some sundaes, huh?” said Rosa.  “And afterwards?” exclaimed the others staring.  “Ummm…the park??”  said Rosa.  “NO WAY!!” shouted the others.  “LOLZ…I was just kiddin’ ya’ll!” replied Rosa as she tried dodging their fists!



Mindful, Series

Horrible Hunts Amusement Parks

    One day, Rosa got 4 tickets to go to the most famous and loved amusement park, Horrible Hunts!  She was so excited and so were Sarah, Rosa & Shawna.  They all had heard of the spooky rides and hideous screams of that haunted house, which was the main attraction of all!  There were tales of real people vanishing and a huge creature that looms out of the deep woods and grabs a hugful of kids and families, elders, etc.  But, as you know, these girls were made of hard coconut shells that don’t break even after the worst case scenario has passed.  Even now, they only half believed what they heard, the other half stamped it a robotic device that was out there for part if the fun.


    So, the girls, family and all, went to Horrible Hunts!  They arrived much excited and with permission of their parents, went off in a group towards the scariest rides.  Their first target was THE WHIZZING FIRE ride!  Sarah screamed till the end!  Then, the TWIRLING CREAKY BRIDGE, where Shawna nearly fell into the endless pit!  The MAZE TO MADNESS was a confusing path that took you to illusionary place, such as Dracula’s Tomb or Vampira’s Dungeon!  Here, Ronda freaked out, thinking the illusions were real!  After visiting more rides of the type, they went to the HAUNTED HORROR CASTLE near the so called WOODS OF DOOM! 


    To the girls, the house was more scary than the woods.  Upon entry, the girls found themselves in a dark room with ghostly pictures and dangling flesh!  Sarah was bumping in to each of them constantly and shivering. “Watch it!” shouted Rosa, “You’re grabbing my hair!” “And my head!” muttered Shawna. “And stepping on my toes! Uh!” said Ronda rubbing her foot. Next, they were in a dungeon area, where rotting and headless spirits were wandering, in cages, calling for help to the passers by.  Hideous scream followed their departure. Here, they found skeletons and webs all around, as well as mice running through their feet! “Eeeeeek!” shouted Shawna. “Come on,” said Rosa, “They’re just fakes.” “Ewww! I still hate that feeling!” muttered Shawna.  After going through a couple more rooms, they were exiting when a booming voice had them frozen deadstill!

    “Uhhh…did someone’s stomach grumble or…was that a monstrous roar?!” asked Ronda.  “I think we gotta…RUN!” shouted Sarah as they tore across to the woods, with the huge creature behind them. The monster chased them, but they took dodging paths to confuse him and get out!  “ROAAAAAR!” blared the beast as it hurled logs and branches at them!  “Look out!” shouted the others to Sarah, but Sarah had fallen, dazed!  So Rosa went and pulled her along until they were out of the woods and in the middle square!  “Let’s go and get Mom & Dad!” “We’re outta here!” said Rosa.  “But what about the rides we missed?” whined Shawna.  “So what?!” said Rosa in a rage, “We gotta get outta here and tell authorities!” “Until then, even this location is unsafe!” “That mondo thingy will tear it apart anytime!”


    So the girls collected their folks and told them the emergency. then after reporting to authorities, they led them to the spot of encounter and waited home, anxiously!  Horrible Hunts was closed down temporarily.  A couple days later, the authorities called them up and took them into the woods.  There on the floor was the huge body of Big Foot, the legendary man eater! “Whoa, whoa!” exclaimed Rosa, “I’m kinda dizzy!” “What’s this legend doing here?!” “And is it real?” asked Ronda. “Nope!” said the officer, “Bring her out!”  A lady in red walked out with two female officers.  “Whoa, Wilma Wahoo, former worker at Horrible Hunts!” said Sarah confused  “But why?”  “Well she loved this place as a worker, but she had some real heart bursting ideas!” explained the officer, “So, as a result, she got fired!”  “As revenge, she thought she could scare away folks and takeover!” “But she got caught before it was too late!” said the officer, looking at Wilma, who now was hanging her head, “I didn’t want to hurt nobody, just wanted my job back!”  “Well, you sure picked the wrong way to get what you want, Ms. Wahoo!”  “And what of the captured people?” asked Rosa. “Ah, I released them from a different path…with threats for not telling my identity!” replied Wilma.  “Which is why she’s being arrested!” said the officer.  “Too bad!” said Ronda as the officers took her away.

    After things settled down, the girls returned for the rides that were unvisited and enjoyed the remaining stay!  Upon returning home, they were anxious to tell their other friends about their amazing adventure at Horrible Hunts!


Mindful, Series

The Invincible Spirits of Windy Willows

Shawna, Ronda, Rosa, & Sarah were 4 such friends who never tended to disperse on anything, even make it they had to judge between risk& life, they would stick together.  Their sense of adventure would lead them to high measures of risk, yet they still didn’t give up.  They were made of hard shells that were hard to crack! 


So one day, they went to a deserted area of town, which was otherwise a ghost town, and no one ever dared to go in the area. Some had hallucinations of creeping ghosts of criminals of the area.  Others had tales of the shopkeeper’s ghost.  Still others had haunting facts of things floating in the air in that area.  This area, so called restricted, was called Windy Willows.


The girls all took these tellings as rubbish, but Sarah was a little smart.  She felt tingly when something creepy was around for real.  She had this kind of feeling even now, but no one listened to her.  Instead, they convinced her to go.  Having no choice, since she didn’t want to be left out, she went, especially on Rosa’s urging.  Rosa, was the leader of their team and whatever she set her mind on, she did!


They entered Windy Willows in extreme anxiety, though no one was saying anything, their expressions wore signs of discomfort.  Everything was stock still, except for the breezy gusts of wind and cawing crows.  It seemed much as if no one, but witches and spirits were left.  Upon arrival at their first destination, they looked round at the broken and webbed ceilings and saw tattered clothing all over.  Offices and courts were all deserted. However, the courtroom was in a mess as if someone had recently been there!  Also, some shops seemed to be in condition of being run, looking at the items, which were new!


Naturally, they entered and had a look around.  There was an eerie smell in the air, which was scaring Sarah by the minute.  Then, out of nowhere at all, a back door burst open, but no one was to be seen!  Sarah started shaking and whisperingly said, “Can we just get out of here,” “There’s something that isn’t right about this place!”  “No way!” “I’m not going till we scan this whole place out!” said Rosa, “I want to know who these spirits are!” “Could be the shopkeeper who scared the neck out of ‘em!” “WHOOOOO!” imitated Rosa.  “Let’s please just go!” whined Sarah.  But to no avail.  Afraid to go alone, she stayed uncertainly looking about.  Right then, a booming voice went up, “GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!”  “Wwwwhat was ttttthat?” shivered Ronda.  “RUN GIRLS OR YOU’LL SUFFER MY WRATH!” the voice boomed again. “MWAHAHAHAHA!”  “Aaaaah! Oh no, oh no, oh bad, oh BAD!” shouted Sarah.  Then out of nothingness, popped a huge bulgy disfigured ghost wriggling his fingers, hooting out, “TODAY IS YOUR DOOOOOOM!” “I WARNED YOUUUUU!”  “AAAAH!” were the cries that followed forth before the girls fainted!


When they came to, they were laying on the hot desert sand, beside some cactus.  “Hhhow did we ggget here?” asked Rosa, still getting chills down her spine. “Hey, there’s nothing here!” said Shawna.  “What happened to all the buildings?” “And more importantly where are WE?” asked Ronda confused.  “We’re in the middle of NOWHERE!” whined Sarah.  “Look!” pointed Rosa.  A cloud of dust was coming their way.  The girls gathered behind the cacti because of the insecurity of the thing that was coming.  The cloud stopped before the cactus that was hiding them, then rode off further. The girls stood shocked because the cloud had come in the form of a dust ball, but revealed nothing and rode off!


Anyhow, the girls had to get home, so they started looking round to see if a path of some sort or road was near.  There were several, but which one to take?  “So….which one do we take?” asked Shawna.  “Firstly, we oughta know where we are!” remarked Rosa.  “We need a map of some sort!” said Ronda.  “But from where?!” “We don’t even have a shop here!” echoed Sarah.  Exactly then, the cloud of dust reappeared and this time in front of them. “Howdy there!”  “You folks look as lost as a pioneer!”  “Need a little YAHOO help?”  A tall cowboy had formed out of the dust ball and was now addressing them in a booming, loud voice.  The girls, on the other hand, didn’t know if this was a trap or not, so after a little huddle thinking, Rosa stepped forth and said, “Do your worse dude,”  “We’re not gonna cower out!”  “Whoa there, hold your horses their fellas!” said the cowboy.  “I’m not your enemy you know,”  “I help folks who are lost, same as you folks are!”  “I give you my word I’ll get you home, deal?” asked the cowboy.  “By the way, the names Wild Bill of the West, nice to meet ya’ll!”  “Uhhh…nice to meet you too Mr. West….I’m Rosa…and these are my friends, Ronda, Shawna, and Sarah.”  Mr. West nodded at each.  “So…how do we get back home?”  asked Sarah.  “Well, if I’m correct, you girls came from nearby Windy Willows, right?”  “Yyyeah, but we didn’t come here we_” “Yup, you were brought here by spirits from Windy Willows,” “They hate folks sticking around in their town, so mind you, never go back, alright?” “Ok, sir.” All the girls said. 


“Well, what’re ya waitin’ for?” “Hop aboard my wagon and I’ll drop ya in a jiffy!”  So the girls got on and within the blink of an eye, they were on the way home from Windy Willows. When they were parting, Mr. West said as a friendly gesture, “Let me know if ya’ll see some YAHOOS around ‘ere!” “Would like to meet ‘em!”  “Huh?” the girls said confused.  “Haha I meant cowboys!”  laughed Mr. West  “Ohhh!” said the girls.  “See ya’ll someday, HIYA!” and he rode off tipping his hat.


The girls got home rather suspicious of Mr. West too.  He had warned them about that place almost as if he was keen of it.  After some research, they found that Mr. West was a famous cowboy, who was known for his good acts!  He had died in one of his good missions and since then, his ghost helped lost people get back to their homes.  Sarah was shaking from the truth, but the others were cool.  They liked Mr. West’s jollyness, but maybe not as much as to see him again. Or actually invite him.  And so the girls didn’t go to Windy Willows or see the old cowboy again.  However, as they were going out to roam one day, a figure on the mountaintops stared at them and smiled to himself saying, “I’m glad ya girls finally realized the truth! YAHOO!” and he rode of into the setting sun.



Mindful, Series

An Adventure in Sierra Blanca

        Once there were 4 girls who were the bestest of best friends.  Their names were Rosa, Sarah, Shawna, and Ronda. They always were wanting to have some kind of adventure.  Something mysterious, challenging, scary, fun, & active.  They had been on some too.  Like one in which they went to Windy Willows, where a ghost met them and they fainted!  Also the one of Horrible Hunts, the amusement park, where a hideous creature nearly grabbed them for lunch and The Whispering Trees, in which they were tangled in branches till they used a wise strategy to escape.

          So, this is a about when they went to Sierra Blanca, a castle of the medieval times. It was, as usual, the pleasant weather for vacationing and much better for adventuring.  The girls were curious about that castle because they had heard a legend about it.  It was that a princess had been brought to this castle against her will and closed up in a secret room.  When she died, her corpse was not to be found.  After many years, tourists came to see this castle, but ran out terrified stating that they had seen a half body of a man and the princess’s ghost!

          The girls wanted to see for themselves if this was true, so they agreed to go and have a scan.  All, except Sarah, were willing, but Sarah, pushed by peers, also went.  As they neared the castle, people were advising them not to go and to turn back while they still could.  There were some folks who had gone in, but never returned!  But nothing would stop the girls from going.  They barely heard their remarks as they passed.  However, Sarah heard them and even advised to go back somewhere creepy, but safe.  But, no, the girls were determined to continue.

        So, having no choice, but to stick together, Sarah went too.  Upon entering,the girls looked round at the beautiful tapestries still visible.  They weren’t expecting anyone to be there, since they were all scared to death.  But when they leats expected it, a voice boomed from behind them, “Welcome ladies!”  “Aaaah!” shouted Sarah. “Sorry to startle you Madame,”  “My apologies for being rude.”  “But there are very few who come these days!”  “Show yourself mister!” shouted Rosa.  A shadow appeared & then a figure in a cape so dark, he was barely visible.  But as soon as the girls looked him top to bottom, they ran out screaming at the top of their lungs!

      “It was rude of me to hide myself ladies!”  “But please stay!”  But the girls ran without even giving it a chance to speak!  Outside, on the bridge, they panted and waited for their breaths to settle down so hey could go home, but before they could do so, a lady dressed in shining white appeared floatingly from the woods.  She was glowing, but with misery on her face.  “Help me….help me…these Barbarians have locked me to die!”  “Help me be FREE!” and with that she lunged towards them.  “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES,” shouted the girls!  They ran all the way home, without a pause even, and there, panting looked out to make sure no one followed them.  After ensuring no one was there, they all gave big sighs of relief, “PHEW!”  “Maybe….it wasn’t such a good idea….rright?”  asked Shawna.  “Yeah….” said Rosa. “Hey guys, let’s vow not to go to that creepy kind of places again.” said Ronda. “Deal?” asked Rosa. “DEAL!” shouted the rest.  Also, this adventure taught them a lesson and that was “Adults are not always wrong, but mostly right.” “And what they say is for your benefit!”  This they remembered this their whole life afterwards!