Islamic short stories, Mindful

A Reality….Beware!

Once there was a girl named Samra.  She was the eldest of 3 siblings, consisting of 2 sisters and one brother.  She was nine years old and in an Islamic school called Al Husn Al Khalq.  She went here with her cousins, paternal.  All of her paternal relatives lived nearby, therefore they went to the same school.  This city was in a desert state called Arizona.  The city, Flagstaff, was considerably in better condition than the northern parts.  Samra had been raised with her cousins, so she was naturally attached to them.  Since her arrival to the United States, Samra had been treated with love and care.  All loved her for her disciplined behavior, which was opposite of her cousins’ behaviors. 

So, it happened one day, it was family dinner time and all the uncles and aunts had come.  Samra was playing with her cousins, when her older cousin, Huma,  came, grabbed her by the neck, and tried to choke her!  Samra started screaming and crying.  She was shocked at this sudden rash behavior.  She couldn’t believe that someone who was a Baji to her, had actually done this to her.  All this had taken place in front of her siblings and other cousins.  Though Huma had left her when she had screamed, marks of her hand were visible on Samra’s neck. 

Both the girls’ mothers came on immediate notice from siblings and Huma was taken to another room for “serious punishment”.  It looked as if for real Huma was going to get punished, but in reality, she was being praised for such behavior.  This was the extent of jealousy that had developed in the hearts of Huma, her mom, and the remaining aunts.  Samra was taken to the drawing room, to be in sight of her mother.  But the aunts had all been pleased with this action.  The right thing to do, was to discipline and change their children’s behaviors, but they took the opposite solution.  Because Samra was a favorite to her uncles and grandfather, Huma’s mom, who was the oldest aunt, had gotten jealous.  And then the news spread to all the other aunts and they joined in too.  Though they weren’t harming, they were happy at the wrongdoings of others. 

Huma apologized to Samra, from the outside, but on the inside, there was still a flame.  Samra was then separated from her cousins, because they all had the same feeling and intention for her, to harm.  But Samra didn’t get isolated, she found true friends in replacement for her cousins.  She had felt lonely and cried too in the beginning, but her sabr helped her to achieve something better.

Now the point to be explained here is, how hard it is to believe that blood relatives would actually do something like this, right? Yet it is true.  Parents should keep an eye on their, even in family relations.  There’s no telling when Shaitan will jump in and place jealousy in someone’s heart.  Also, recite the Muaddhatain (recite suras Ikhlas, Falaq, Nas, and Fatiha 3 times each) and blow it on them.  If they are able, have them do it.  This is protection from evil.  Other than this, recite the following duas always: “Bismillahil ladhi la yadurru ma asmihi shay un fil ardi wala fiss samaaee wa huwass samee’ul a’leem.” and “Audhu bikalimaatillahit taamaati min sharri ma khalaq.”

After this, Samra visited her relatives, but with supervision from her parents.  That is, when all were invited.  As she grew older, she became more alert and recited these protections herself.  As a result, no harm was done to her again.  Later on, she moved away and that made things much better for them all!  No more direct contact!  Samra lived happily ever after, with the company of friends, who filled the missing gap of cousins!