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79 ways to improve your life!

1. Throw out your T.V
How much time do you spend watching T.V? I haven’t watched television for a very long time. It frees up amazing amounts of time. If you watch 2 hours a day, that’s 730 hours per year, or 4.34 weeks per year. It’s time to kill your T.V.

2. Don’t multitask
I’m a huge multi-tasker and addicted to it. I don’t really want to change that habit right now, but I have noticed that whenever I focus on one thing, magic happens more often than not.

3. Enjoy listening to Quran recitation
I tend to only listen to Qur’an while I do other things like driving, cooking. One day I put on Qur’an recitation and sat with my eyes closed. It was as if another world had opened up. Everything seemed different.

4. Turn off your phone
I’ve had my phone turned off a lot. I’ve even stopped answering the phone when it rings. I guess that’s one of the reasons why people don’t call me anymore. But on a more serious note, it’s relaxing.

5. Turn off your Facebook chat
Did you think I was going to let you have your FB chating on? Shut it down! You will notice how much time you’ll save. Try it.

6. Learn your values
What are your true values in life? Do you value integrity? Honesty? What about love? How about money? Which one is #1?

7. Prioritize
People say they don’t have time, when in reality they’re saying they lack priorities. If you don’t have time to follow your passion, you don’t really care about feeling fulfilled and awesome. Learn how to eliminate and discriminate.

8. Keep it simple
Keep things as simple as necessary, but no simpler.

9. Death
Remind yourself that you are going to die. This will melt away any obstacles that are preventing you from living your life in the obedience to Allah SWT.

Last, but not least, remember to enjoy your life. Remember to be grateful for the little things. Remember to be kind to the people around you and remember to follow your heart. And of course, remember to read inspiring quotes on a daily basis on my Facebook page!

Wishing you the very best.

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A Day In The Life Of Haitham

One day, Haitham woke to a beautiful morning in the month of January on Saturday.  This was the day he was to give his final exam for a degree he was working on for almost two yrs.  His proctor came around noon for the exam.  The case was that Haitham was doing the exam online.  His college had the choice of online or paper so he chose online, since it was more convenient.  So, when he finished his test, the results came immediately.

He had passed and that was the end of his 2 yrs. work!  What was the secret behind his success?  The obvious reason was that he studied hard and long.  But the real reason was  that he had prayed 2 rakat before giving the exam and made constant duas during the weeks that passed!  Also, he had woken for Tahajjud prayers too!  Both of these reasons are imporatant, but the second one is the ultimate key to success in anything!

So, the thing to keep in mind is, study hard for all tests and exams, but don’t forget to remember Allah, for He is the one who makes you what you are!

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Never In This Life

Never in this life,

Will you ever find bliss,

Never in this life,

Will there ever be trueness,

Never in this life,

Will you find sincerity,

Never in this life,

Will you find safety,

Never in this life,

Will you live forever,

Never in this life,

Will you find honesty,

Never in this life,

Will companions befriend you,

But betray they will,

Never in this life,

Will relations be nice to you in truth,

But abuse or misuse they will,

All of this may be limited,

And if it happens,

It will be from Allah’s will,

But if not,

Mostly it is a test,

That will show mastery,

In the hereafter,

If you yourself,

Don’t go astray,

This life is temporary,

So try your best to pass it!