The Invincible Spirits of Windy Willows

Shawna, Ronda, Rosa, & Sarah were 4 such friends who never tended to disperse on anything, even make it they had to judge between risk& life, they would stick together.  Their sense of adventure would lead them to high measures of risk, yet they still didn’t give up.  They were made of hard shells that were hard to crack! 


So one day, they went to a deserted area of town, which was otherwise a ghost town, and no one ever dared to go in the area. Some had hallucinations of creeping ghosts of criminals of the area.  Others had tales of the shopkeeper’s ghost.  Still others had haunting facts of things floating in the air in that area.  This area, so called restricted, was called Windy Willows.


The girls all took these tellings as rubbish, but Sarah was a little smart.  She felt tingly when something creepy was around for real.  She had this kind of feeling even now, but no one listened to her.  Instead, they convinced her to go.  Having no choice, since she didn’t want to be left out, she went, especially on Rosa’s urging.  Rosa, was the leader of their team and whatever she set her mind on, she did!


They entered Windy Willows in extreme anxiety, though no one was saying anything, their expressions wore signs of discomfort.  Everything was stock still, except for the breezy gusts of wind and cawing crows.  It seemed much as if no one, but witches and spirits were left.  Upon arrival at their first destination, they looked round at the broken and webbed ceilings and saw tattered clothing all over.  Offices and courts were all deserted. However, the courtroom was in a mess as if someone had recently been there!  Also, some shops seemed to be in condition of being run, looking at the items, which were new!


Naturally, they entered and had a look around.  There was an eerie smell in the air, which was scaring Sarah by the minute.  Then, out of nowhere at all, a back door burst open, but no one was to be seen!  Sarah started shaking and whisperingly said, “Can we just get out of here,” “There’s something that isn’t right about this place!”  “No way!” “I’m not going till we scan this whole place out!” said Rosa, “I want to know who these spirits are!” “Could be the shopkeeper who scared the neck out of ‘em!” “WHOOOOO!” imitated Rosa.  “Let’s please just go!” whined Sarah.  But to no avail.  Afraid to go alone, she stayed uncertainly looking about.  Right then, a booming voice went up, “GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!”  “Wwwwhat was ttttthat?” shivered Ronda.  “RUN GIRLS OR YOU’LL SUFFER MY WRATH!” the voice boomed again. “MWAHAHAHAHA!”  “Aaaaah! Oh no, oh no, oh bad, oh BAD!” shouted Sarah.  Then out of nothingness, popped a huge bulgy disfigured ghost wriggling his fingers, hooting out, “TODAY IS YOUR DOOOOOOM!” “I WARNED YOUUUUU!”  “AAAAH!” were the cries that followed forth before the girls fainted!


When they came to, they were laying on the hot desert sand, beside some cactus.  “Hhhow did we ggget here?” asked Rosa, still getting chills down her spine. “Hey, there’s nothing here!” said Shawna.  “What happened to all the buildings?” “And more importantly where are WE?” asked Ronda confused.  “We’re in the middle of NOWHERE!” whined Sarah.  “Look!” pointed Rosa.  A cloud of dust was coming their way.  The girls gathered behind the cacti because of the insecurity of the thing that was coming.  The cloud stopped before the cactus that was hiding them, then rode off further. The girls stood shocked because the cloud had come in the form of a dust ball, but revealed nothing and rode off!


Anyhow, the girls had to get home, so they started looking round to see if a path of some sort or road was near.  There were several, but which one to take?  “So….which one do we take?” asked Shawna.  “Firstly, we oughta know where we are!” remarked Rosa.  “We need a map of some sort!” said Ronda.  “But from where?!” “We don’t even have a shop here!” echoed Sarah.  Exactly then, the cloud of dust reappeared and this time in front of them. “Howdy there!”  “You folks look as lost as a pioneer!”  “Need a little YAHOO help?”  A tall cowboy had formed out of the dust ball and was now addressing them in a booming, loud voice.  The girls, on the other hand, didn’t know if this was a trap or not, so after a little huddle thinking, Rosa stepped forth and said, “Do your worse dude,”  “We’re not gonna cower out!”  “Whoa there, hold your horses their fellas!” said the cowboy.  “I’m not your enemy you know,”  “I help folks who are lost, same as you folks are!”  “I give you my word I’ll get you home, deal?” asked the cowboy.  “By the way, the names Wild Bill of the West, nice to meet ya’ll!”  “Uhhh…nice to meet you too Mr. West….I’m Rosa…and these are my friends, Ronda, Shawna, and Sarah.”  Mr. West nodded at each.  “So…how do we get back home?”  asked Sarah.  “Well, if I’m correct, you girls came from nearby Windy Willows, right?”  “Yyyeah, but we didn’t come here we_” “Yup, you were brought here by spirits from Windy Willows,” “They hate folks sticking around in their town, so mind you, never go back, alright?” “Ok, sir.” All the girls said. 


“Well, what’re ya waitin’ for?” “Hop aboard my wagon and I’ll drop ya in a jiffy!”  So the girls got on and within the blink of an eye, they were on the way home from Windy Willows. When they were parting, Mr. West said as a friendly gesture, “Let me know if ya’ll see some YAHOOS around ‘ere!” “Would like to meet ‘em!”  “Huh?” the girls said confused.  “Haha I meant cowboys!”  laughed Mr. West  “Ohhh!” said the girls.  “See ya’ll someday, HIYA!” and he rode off tipping his hat.


The girls got home rather suspicious of Mr. West too.  He had warned them about that place almost as if he was keen of it.  After some research, they found that Mr. West was a famous cowboy, who was known for his good acts!  He had died in one of his good missions and since then, his ghost helped lost people get back to their homes.  Sarah was shaking from the truth, but the others were cool.  They liked Mr. West’s jollyness, but maybe not as much as to see him again. Or actually invite him.  And so the girls didn’t go to Windy Willows or see the old cowboy again.  However, as they were going out to roam one day, a figure on the mountaintops stared at them and smiled to himself saying, “I’m glad ya girls finally realized the truth! YAHOO!” and he rode of into the setting sun.