The Fruit of Sincerity by Mindful

There was a boy named Tahir, who lived in New Brunswick. He was second eldest out of siblings.  From childhood to adulthood, he had been taught about Islam in a very understandable and nice way.  Therefore, he was a good example for his siblings, after his elder brother.  Because his older brother was on his own now, Tahir had the responsibility at home.  Even his friends knew how strict and firm Tahir was, but even then some were there with evil intentions.

One day, Tahir went to play badminton with a couple friends.  On the way back, they stopped for drinks at a local store.  Tahir didn’t take the drink that they took because it was root beer.  The boys’ tried to get Tahir to drink some giving excuses such as “It isn’t real beer!” “It’s just a name!”  But Tahir refused saying, “Say what you want boys, but what’s in doubt should not be drunk at all!” And he drank cream soda.

Next time, after playing their game, each boy was drinking their own drink, when one of the boys’ named Nasir gave him a can with the label of cream soda on it.  The label was in place so neatly that Tahir didn’t notice and drank it, keeping in mind that it was cream soda! The taste wasn’t much different, so Tahir was unaware.  The boys saw this and all laughed then the Nasir asked, “So…how’s it?” Tahir replied normally, “It’s good…because cream soda always is..” Nasir just laughed and kept quiet.

When Tahir arrived home, he felt some weird feeling inside himself.  Then he had a sudden urge to vomit and he ran to the bathroom.  After he was relieved, he said to himself, “This is all Nasir’s doing…Istaghfirullah!” “He fooled me into drinking root beer…La hawla wala quwwata illah billah!”

The next day, upon meeting Nasir, Tahir didn’t fight or shout, but calmly said, “May Allah guide you to the staright path…Aameen!” Nasir just stared and acted as if nothing was wrong, then said, “Hey pal, what’s the matter?” “you feelin’ ok?” Tahir continued, “You think you can get away with your pranks, but Allah is watching.” “He saves whom he wishes and destroys whom he wishes.” “Repent dude and come to the truth.”  Nasir had no effect. Instead, he said sarcastically, “Huh, listen pal, I don’t want preaching, you hear?” “So what if you found out eh?” “A prank…haha..nothing to be serious about.”  Tahir shook his head and said, “May Allah open your heart.” and left.

Because Tahir was kind, patient, and resistant, Nasir had an effect.  A couple days after, he came to Tahir, ashamed and apologetic. “Sorry man…thought about what you said…it made me feel guilty…” “I want to learn more dude…could you help me out?” Tahir forgave him and Nasir came more and more towards Deen.  Tahir became a top figure in the community for his personality and reputation.

Allah had chosen Tahir as a means of giving hidayat, so whether big or small, all folks respected and followed his advices. Tahir’s household was known as a source of light to those in the community and he excelled in all, worldly and Islamic things.