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Dry Ablution 2

Narrated Said bin ‘Abdur Rahman bin Abza(on the authority of his father who said): ‘Ammar said so (the above Statement). And Shu’ba stroked lightly the earth with his hands and brought them close to his mouth (blew off the dust) and passed them over his face and then the backs of his hands. ‘Ammar said, “Ablution (meaning Tayammum here) is sufficient for a Muslim if water is not available.”(Sahih Buhkari)

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Dry Ablution

Narrated  Abu Juhaim Al Ansari: The Prophet came from the direction of Bir Jamal. A man met him and greeted him. But he did not return back the greeting till he went to a (mud) wall and smeared his hands and his face with its dust (performed Tayammum) and then returned back the greeting.(Sahih Bukhari)