Mindful, Short stories

Murder at Niagara Falls

Once there was a family, who went to Niagara Falls on vacation for their children, Matt, Steve, and Teresa.  They were a lovely family who, for the first time were going to the world’s famous waterfall.  The family had planned to stay for 2 weeks in Niagara Falls to camp and have fun.

On the first day of their arrival, the children, of course, ran through to the edge to see the falls they had been waiting to see!  Teresa was the oldest by 14 yrs. old so she went at a steady pace.  They enjoyed the day by eating lunch and dinner on a camp fire and setting up camp!

Now, they were enjoying this joy of theirs whilst an evil eye was watching them from the woods and was smiling evilly at the number of victims.  Who was this goose bump giving phenomenon? Nala, the vicious human sucking being, who was known as a legend, but never known to exist!  Now, she was looking at her first victim and waiting for a bloodcurdling attack!

Teresa and her family were of course unaware that some legendary thing was watching them and so they toasted and then headed off to different directions, planning to meet by 11 p.m.  Teresa, unfortunately, wandered into the woods!

As soon as Nala saw her approaching, she smiled with saliva out of her mouth, but just then she saw another girl coming from another part of the woods.  Teresa, completely unaware of this, was going in bravely when the creature pounced in front of her and also the other girl!  They both yelled in horror and Teresa started running!

Now, the reader may think that Teresa was easily grabbed by the violent creature, but instead the creature barely scratched Teresa and grabbed the other girl.  And to Teresa’s horror the heart-breaking screams of the girl echoed through her ears and out of the woods to the extent that her parents came running, but seeing Teresa yell ”Run!” they turned around and followed her lead.

The next day they saw the body of the girl, Teresa and her parents, one by one and stared in sadness!  Right afterwards, they packed up and left never to return and warn others of that creature and also the government!  This event was never forgotten by Teresa forever in her whole life!

Mindful, Short stories

Nancy and the Thief

Once there was a cat named Nancy, who lived near a house upon Windy Willows.  She was a nice pretty cat and quite a sight to see.  She wasn’t too thin or fat, but just right.  Her owner was Mrs. Nora, a nice lady, who lived in Windy Willows with her family.

For many years, Nancy had been going from town to town and country to country, always thinking that she would rather be dead then live in the streets and meadows.  Luckily for her, she arrived at Windy Willows where Mrs. Nora took her in and later made a little home for her near her house.  So, Nancy lives happily with her new and kind mistress and forever makes up her mind about protecting her.

Nancy had been living with the newly acquaintance for four years now, and she had also made friends with some other cats. One cat, who was her best friend, was named Rusty by his master. They used to play and work all day. One day, however, a strange thing happened!

Nancy and Rusty were as usual about their work when Nancy spotted a figure get into her mistress’s home with a weapon.  She told Rusty about it and ran towards the house with him.  When she got in, a huge man was in her mistress’s room stealing jewelry.  Nancy and Rusty both got scared at the sight of him, but then both of them thought that who cares if they’re little! Let’s risk a chance!  So, they dashed in and sunk their teeth into the man’s leg!  The man started beating both of them, but seeing as they wouldn’t listen, started shrieking!  As soon as Mr. Nora heard the shriek he ran towards his house and found the robber unconscious, along with Rusty and Nancy, injured badly, lying flat, moaning.

Mr. Nora called a few neighbors to help him take the wounded robber to the town doctor and get the guards to take him to jail.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Nora, who was good at naturopathy, was tending to Rusty and Nancy.  When Mr. Nora returned, he thanked them and rewarded them with their favorite snack, “Whistle-Pops!”

MORAL: You must have will power!

Mindful, Short stories

Violet’s Hope

Once there was a girl whose name was Violet, she was known to be the politest, neatest, and most respectable girl in the entire county.  She lived in Collin County, Texas and had a big, brand new house.  She was the eldest of two brothers and one sister.  She went to one of the best schools in Texas.  Every person she met or visited liked her personality.  So, everything was good and happy in those days that she lived in peace.  But the event that followed was very bad indeed that she was shocked that it happened for real.

It occurred in August, right after she finished her last middle school year, she was coming home from her friend, Alice’s house when suddenly she heard rumbling sounds from a far distance, so she started running home at a faster pace and got home safe.  A couple of hours later a terrible tornado was destroying the town and quickly heading towards the area she lived in. Luckily, her whole family was at home that day and planning to go on a trip to Illinois, but this tornado ruined their plan. Everyone was panicking and had no idea what to do!

Well, there wasn’t much they could do about it and so the tornado arrived at their house and blew them up. The whole house was in fourths and the family lay wounded on top of it. As soon as they regained consciousness, a terrible earthquake threw them into the earth, as big boulders started rolling onto them.  They were in such a state that anyone who saw them in this condition would surely start crying.

I’m sorry to say that after this event, Violet became disabled, her sister bruised, her parents also disabled, and her brothers only luckily healed their injuries.  Alice was alright but she had a big scar on her hand.  Poor Violet could not walk and her parents could not either. But she kept up her hope and kept telling herself that she will walk again soon.  The bullies in her school discouraged her, but she fought her way out. Oh, and I forgot, the tornado and earthquake hit only the northern part of Collin County, not all of it.  But her school wasn’t badly damaged so within two months she was going back to school.

Certainly in the beginning of her accident, Violet did grieve her disability, but later with the encouragement of her friend and family, Violet kept up her hope and do you know the result?  She started walking again within five months!  Everyone was so rejoiced and her parents, too, were healed and there was so much excitement that there was a party held for Violet!  Everything was back to normal and the lesson learned in this story is those who never lose hope and keep trying will succeed!

So after that, Violet and her family lived happily ever after!


Mindful, Short stories

A Dinosaur Encounter

Once upon a time, in Siberia, lived some dangerous, harmful monsters known as dinosaurs.  They were of different shapes and sizes and ate different foods.  Some also had the ability to fly.  Everything was very messy in those parts where dinosaurs roamed. The most feared and vicious dinosaur was the T-rex or Tyrannosaurus rex.  He ate many of the other dinosaur species and because of him many animals were in danger.

One day a group of researchers headed towards Siberia to learn about dinosaurs.  They were not aware of the danger they were getting into.  The thought on their minds was that dinosaurs can’t be that harmful and after all they would get thousands of dollars if they actually went to the dinosaurs and wrote their findings.  So without much planning a danger escape, they headed towards the wilderness of Siberia!

After reaching the jungle, they headed towards the plant-eating dinosaurs to write their report on them.  Later, they went to the meat-eating dinosaurs, but without thinking of themselves as the prey of the T-rex.  They approached the huge monster from behind and started jotting down the information needed about the monster.  Well, you don’t want to know what happened afterwards, because as soon as they cheered over their finished task the T-rex turned on them and gobbled three of the group’s people.  That’s when the others realized their mistake of not being prepared and started running, but they were no match for the huge man-eating monster.  The T-rex chased them to a dead end and ate all the remaining researchers except one, who had somehow luckily managed to escape.

Well after the lucky researcher got home, he was psychologically affected by the scenes he saw after his researching project was done.  And about the project he had done, he got his money, but wasn’t happy over it after the events that happened.  Plus, he never really healed from his state of mind and kept shivering at the thought of it, also how his life was saved!


Mindful, Short stories

A Tale of Two That Ended in Two

        Once there were two friends who loved each other dearly.  Their names were Sophia & Rubella.  They were such a pair that everyone thought they were sisters.  Since Pre-K, they had been thrown together constantly and this grew into a deep relationship.  As they advanced, their times spent together was short, but they managed even then to meet.  If that didn’t work, they called or texted.  If that couldn’t succeed, they chatted or emailed.  They had a very awing type of personality that isn’t seen nowadays.  If one despaired, the other was there to support  and share sorrows.  How wonderful it would’ve  been had it lasted till parting times, but alas their destiny.

        When they finished college, they as usual got together and had a party.  At this gathering, Sophia got more attention than Rubella.  Although it wasn’t anything big, the remarks passed to Sophia were really awing, thus heating Rubella for the first time in years.  However, Sophia supported Rubella and said very intriguing comments about her that gave her praise double from Sophia.  But Rubella had caught fire inside her that wasn’t extinguishing.

        All these long years of friendship zeroed out in just 3 seconds!  From that day, Rubella started dodging invitations and get togethers with Sophia!  Sophia felt weird and awkward from this sudden change of behavior, but still kept trying to get her back.  After all, they had always been close friends and helped each other in bad times, hadn’t they?  But Rubella remained unresponsive and blank. 

        At school, she again tried to get a chance and talk to her, but when she got a moment of alone time, Rubella harshly started hitting her, scratching her & saying bad things as well!  Sophia defended herself as much as she could.  This sudden rashness of Rubella’s was so shocking for her!  At long last, she managed to throw Rubella off of her, but at some serious injuries!  While Rubella stood in raging anger, Sophia walked into school and into the nurse’s office.  The nurse, too, was shocked to hear of Rubella’s behavior!  She too had known of their long friendship and was indeed worried from the looks of her wounds, they were as if a beast had attacked it’s prey. 

        Rubella was called in and put in detention while her parents were informed of her violent behavior.  They, too, were alarmed with the sudden change of events.  Sophia’s folks were informed too and an exchange of apology took place from Rubella’s family.  However, Rubella still refused to apologize and kept shouting bad words and hurtful comments about her.

        So, Sophia, unwillingly, broke up ties with her in front of both parties because of Rubella’s rash and rude behavior.  All, except Rubella, were upset and hurt, but were helpless to change anything.  Sophia was the most in pain for losing a long term friend.  Her Mom encouraged  her and said, “ Don’t worry dear”, “You’re a very good girl and you’ll find someone even better!”  Then she gave her a hug and they all went to eat out.  Sophia, however, was still deeply sad  with no appetite.

        Months passed and Sophia switched schools to avoid Rubella.  Her wounds had healed & vanished.  Then one day, because she was innocent and patient, a new girl named Rosy, met her and they became fast friends.  Of course, the wound that Rubella had left was not completely quenched, it was definitely nourished.  Sophia lived a much more happy and blooming life with Rosy & it ended up being a very deep and long relationship which lasted their lifetime!