Freak Out

Let’s say I never was much attached to family relatives. Maybe in the early times of my life, but not anymore. I always had a limited social group with whom I had no problem, but when the clash of meeting relatives started, I totally, you could say, freaked out! Probably I never considered such a mess, but when I was thrown into it, I had to re-gather my wits. What caused the blow was my own Mom’s attitude towards me after blending with relatives after long. She saw the flaws in them and well, she had it bursting on me. As living far from relatives and never really talking to them, I had no experience of relative attacks. But now was a situation where I had to control my wits for the unexpected, which was very hard. Whatsoever, one thing is for sure and that is I can’t cut myself off from relatives anyway because it is in the Sunnah of our Prophet(SAW) that Allah blesses and loves the one who is good to his relatives. However, the drawback will be only when you see that that relative is bad beyond fixation and is not changing his/her wrongdoing. And so I continue my life in the light of Islam!

A Fact

They say that the first impressions are the last impressions, but I think not. Well actually it’s not the case for most folks because in the present, first impressions are the ones used to impress people or gain their liking towards them, but it only lasts for a few days. The actual person starts showing in the long term to come. Therefore, they can’t be judged from the first impressions. Their real self comes from knowing them in different situations and different times. That’s why it is said that never befriend a person til you have had a dealing with him, which brings out his personality!