English poetry, Mindful


The fate of a lost one,

Left in the mess of a dome,

In vain searching for a bright light,

Yet finding more lone sights,

The heart so broken,

Weak n disturbed with no hope,

But must find the exit,

Whether death or life,

For there is no one,

To help n guide,

The worth of ur soul,

Is stated clearly,

So torn or not,

Keep on going,

U will find the right,

Just not the flight!



The Beauty of It All

Even in this era

This world of evil

We r a few

That still remain so innocent

So vulnerable to those of even a lil evil

Man iss a miracle to remain

Til the end of time

The evil one has a hard time believing

Since it is such a unique rarity

N of course the one built of dirt

Will definitely misuse to any extent

They hav a live stupid toy

To manipulate or ruin crumble

Shiver me timbers!

English poetry, Mindful

Unknown Surge

When your dreams shatter,

You feel the boost,

The energy refrained,

Or leftover from steps undone,

Sometimes people,

You depend on,

‘Leave you with,

Back up energy,

Which comes out when needed,

In times of peril,

Other people whom you rely on,

Leave you stranded,

So you have no choice,

But to get out there,

N fight for your life,

Mostly u boost up,

When u have others looking up to u,

Not think of yourself only,

The saying,

Die for,

Fits well,

In this scenario!