Islamic short stories, Mindful

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In the city of Sandusky, there lived a lad of young age named Akhtar.  Raised in the U.S. and brought up in a strictly religious family, Akhtar was a very good boy.  In the beginning years of education, he was put in public schools, but from grade 3, he was in Islamic school.  Though the environment there was not very different from public schools, it was still better in restricting a lot of the things not forbidden in regular school.

For the high school years, he was in virtual and private schools because of bad groups in the Islamic schools.  Aside from the bad groups, there was the mixing problem too otherwise.  And Akhtar grew into a young youth with good manners, but then everything changed when he met a friend named Hassan, who was the spoiled kid of an Arab family.  This was during Akhtar’s college years because college was hands on, he couldn’t do it virtually.

Hassan was a lousy and careless wretched boy who was totally unserious in life and wanted to enjoy the fitnas of this world.  Like most unknowledgeable kids, he was also of the concept that “Life is here, not elsewhere!”  Akhtar, although raised with the truth from childhood, was in the transition mode of full maturity from juvenile, so he came into this boy’s talks.

Now, the thing is that when someone sees a Muslim, he automatically thinks that he is a good fellow, but that is not always the case, as in this situation.  Hassan’s best thing was to listen to rubbish music and get influenced by the artists!  Although Akhtar felt an inner guilt doing all these things too, he was in a way trapped!

Akhtar’s household was really shocked in his sudden changing behavior and tried to stop him in the beginning phases, but he wouldn’t listen!  Well known scholars and experienced people were called in to help him, but he rejected them all!  The only thing he’d say is, “I wanna be rich and become a musician to be one…because they always succeed!”  This was really a stunning phrase for his parents.  He was too much under Hassan’s influence.

Here, it was obvious that he too, like Hassan, had flown into the dunya for the pleasures here, forgetting all his parents’ efforts of tarbiyat.  His parents could only pray and ask forgiveness for any wrongs they had done and then a day came for them of joy!

Hassan had gone to do one of the concerts from school and there it was that he was shot down and finished!  Akhtar was in sudden shock!  He hadn’t thought anything of this sort would happen, since Hassan hadn’t started professionally yet, but this was the turning point! Thanks to his parents’ supplications, Akhtar was brought back to the right path!  Akhtar repented for his sins and sought forgiveness of his parents.  They, of course, forgave him because whatever he had done….he was still their son and beloved! 

Afterwards, he finished college and became an IT professional.  Almost immediately, he was hired in a big and known company in Madina.  He and his parents moved there for good and after sometime, Akhtar took them all for Hajj!



Islamic short stories, Mindful

The Unfair Ustada

Once there was a girl named Rimsha.  She was a bright student who always got straight “As”.  All her classmates were awed with her studying ability.  She was also a very strict religious girl.  Her day would pass with prayers and islamic studies.  Her dad would have a session of tafseer and fiqh everyday.  Plus, she used to make dua before every assignment, exam, or quiz.  And each assignment would begin with Bismillah!

But one day, she noticed her grades weren’t satisfactory!  It was true she got 90s and 95s, but now her grades were dangling at 75s, even though her lowest grades would be 85s!  She was confused and told her parents, who were also concerned because they knew her ability.  Still they gave normal suggestions, “Maybe it happened from overpressure.” “Or you were tired out.”  Rimsha agreed, but on the inside, something was telling her that it’s not true.  She was feeling a little down, but she prayed deep and sincere, even in tahajjud!

As a result, a teacher of another class saw her grading Rimsha’s paper, and she saw that the grade she gave Rimsha was incorrect!  What was more shocking was that the answer sheet had a correct answer and she was marking that as incorrect!  So, this teacher went and told the principal about Rimsha’s teacher’s behavior.  She was called in and demanded to give the paper that she was recently grading, “Let me see the paper you were just grading.” said the principal very seriously.  “I don’t see why you want this particular paper, why not the others?” said Rimsha’s teacher.  “You shouldn’t have a problem with that if you’re not hiding anything, Miss!” said the principal, eyeing her suspiciously.

Now she knew she would be caught.  So she sat there nervously.  After sometime, the principal questioned her, “Why were you giving some student wrong scores and others right ones?”  “I—-I—–….” she fumbled for words, but none came.  “I can’t believe you were being bias!”  “I didn’t expect this distance to come and it says it in the school policy too.” ‘Despite this fact, you were doing this!” the principal continued, “As of today, I am suspending you.” “Until further notice, you may not enter school premises.”  Rimsha’s teacher had turned pale because this would mean bad for her future career.

Rimsha, for her yaqeen on Allah and no bad attitude towards anyone, was told of the happenings and the principal apologized to her and the other students, who had gotten wrong grades.  Rimsha continued her hard work and studies with the same devotion and concentration, knowing Allah was with her!


Islamic short stories, Mindful

Story of Success

Kullusham was a very good girl at heart, but she wasn’t taught about mazhab in the light of Islam.  She was an ordinary Pakistani girl who knew just the basics of Islam ritually, like praying, fasting, giving sadaqa, and etc.  But practically, she was nothing, aside from wearing hijab on a uniform.  Although her parents weren’t religious, they cared about the difference in public and Islamic schools.  So, she was a talib-e-ilm of Banaatul Islamia, which was the school name, but she had no strong belief of Islam in her.  She felt the emptiness in her, but didn’t know how to fill it.  Her parents had thought that Islamic school would help her in Islamic studies, but that wasn’t it.  Her parents, too, wanted her to learn more about Islam, and what they learnt they passed on to her. Although they were themselves not knowledgeable about Islam that much, they wanted it for her.  However, she needed experienced guidance and social environment that could prompt her to change.  Her friends, too, were not very good girls because at some point they were exposed to the wrong media such as, music, films, pictures, etc.  So, Kullusham ended up in the same class as these girls and of course the consequence would be that she would adapt their behaviors!

Now Kullusham had exposure to some of this kind of media too, but it wasn’t as bad as what these girls watched or listened to.  Here I would like to mention that even a strong Muslim shakes off the path if he has the wrong time of peer group, so Kullusham didn’t have any environment at all about true Islam.  The result was going to end up here of course because she was uninformed thoroughly.  The only thing in her knowledge was that there is a limit to what’s good and bad as a culture.  Despite the fact that she was pressuringly involved in this stuff, she felt a weird type of guilt inside her.  It was as if someone was whispering to her, “This is Shaitan….don’t follow…..this is the path to destruction…” “Find the path to your achievement…..the path of Allah….the path of Islam….!”

For Kullusham, this thing started a tug of war because at one point she was into the worldly status stuff and in the other the path to the truth.  Her parents knew about her friends and since they were experienced people, they knew that they were spoiled girls.  They just prayed for their daughter and took her to Islamic gatherings to try to give her some environment of Deen.

Then suddenly, one day she just started avoiding all these activities and spent more time in Islamic studies or the Islamic discussion groups in the local masjids.  When her dad went to the masjid, she would insist on going too.  Her parents were both pleased and surprised at this sudden change in her, but they thanked Allah for bringing this change about.   At the same time they prayed for themselves to be more good examples for their daughter too since they hadn’t already been educated about Islam.  They remembered that when Kullusham used to come home and tell them about the Islamic studied lesson she learned, they would just pass it on without much importance saying, “Oh that’s good beta….very nice….hmmmm really?” and etc.

Now though, her parents were really getting happy with each coming day because their daughter was increasing in the Light if Deen and this was their inner heart’s desire ever since they had realized Islam’s importance.  Allah had granted their prayers and gotten them into more deenistic activities.  Kullusham and her mom wore the veil with abaya and her dad grew a beard and wore shalwar khamees most of the time.  He aslo went to the masjid on regular basis.  The whole family got so much closer to Allah now, that they would not like to do anything else but ibada!

Then smiling moments came in their life, when Kullusham had 2 brothers and one sister more added to their family.  However, they moved overseas to the MiddleEast so they could more freely practice their religion and provide a better educative environment for their children.  Kullusham went to college in Saudi Arabia, which was now their home, and her siblings to the school there that were separate.

Overtime, Kullusham and her family achieved the level of imaan that every naik person could wish for and Allah helped them excel in their life.  Her brothers’ became successful businessmen, along with respectful sons to their parents.  Also they were trained for self defense and weaponry in case of jihad.  Kullusham became a naturopathic healer and had a private job of her own.  Her sister became a doctor for females and girls.  Her parents were pleased with all their children and said in their time alone, “I am very thankful to Allah that he guided us to this path and kept our children on it too.” “Alhumdulillah we have done our part for them,” they would say to one another, “Inshallah they will do the same for our coming generations ameen!” And they lived happily in Saudi Arabia afterwards!


Islamic short stories, Mindful

Astray but Found

Ruqsana was a typical teenage girl who was good at everything, save religion.  Her parents were partially to blame because they never really implemented Islam in their home.  So, Ruqsana had strayed far from the true path of Deen.  Her parents realized very late that she had gone to extremes and then it was that they told her that she is a Muslim and Muslims don’t go out in this kind of dress or that kind of hairstyle, and etc.  But she wouldn’t listen since she had been given full freedom to do what she wants, so now she wasn’t really paying attention to her parent’s cultural talk.  To her, it was like, “I have a Muslim name so that’s it and my parents taught me the shahada that’s all!”, and it was then that her parents realized their mistake!

They repented for their wrongs and tried coming onto the straight path of Islam, but for Ruqsana it was harder than them because she didn’t even do the basics such as, praying and fasting.  She just did it when she liked! The only thing left for her parents to do was pray and repent for their weaknesses and wrongdoings. But, Ruqsana was just living on in her liberal style that she had seen since she was a kid.  Still, her parents didn’t lose hope!

So, one day she met a girl who was very decent, disciplined, mannered, religious, and dressed in a humblistic fashion.  Ruqsana liked the girl a lot and because of her personal etiquettes, she didn’t mind the religious cladding.  But the effect on Ruqsana was shocking! Because from the day that she met this girl, whose name was Momina, she was unknowingly dragged to her and in a way she was forcingly following the way of her life style.  On the other hand, she was striving with the battle of evil and good going on inside her because most of her friends were liberal minded.

Ruqsana had the battle raving on inside her, but Momina’s personality finally won her.  She used to see Momina always with her brother or father and her cladding was always a long abaya and shawl with the veil.  The other thing she noticed was that Momina’s siblings respected her a lot. Ruqsana would take a glance at her siblings and see that out of three, only one respected her.  Respect was far from her because she was always rude and rough with her siblings, but now she started realizing and started changing.  She started wearing an abaya and long shawl.  She started doing her ibadat strictly.  She attended Islamic lectures with Momina. She became much better in manners and etiquettes.

For her parents, this was a day of joy and they cried and thanked Allah with joy and sincerity.  Her siblings were impressed with their sister’s sudden change and they were culturally taught to respect their elders and follow their good examples, so they were also put in religious activities. Ruqsana learned a lot about Fiqh, Seerah, and Aqeedah from Momina. Whatever she learned, she brought home and shared.  Soon, she became passionate for Islamic things and every Islamic activity that happened she tried to join in and participate. She wrote to Momina on email, “Momina I am thankful to you and Allah for bringing about this change in me. You played an ultimate role for me because you were the cause I came to this path! Allah guided me more because he had taken my heart in his grasp…but I am loving this life and now that I think of it, I feel bad to have lived my life in error….May Allah forgive me Aameen! Momina responded, “Inshallah Ruqsana you have done well and wise to have chosen this path and Allah will not let your effort go to waste Inshallah. Keep it up!”

On other occasions, Ruqsana and Momina would discuss Islamic historic novels that they read and implement the things mentioned in there.  As their friendship deepened, so did others in the community as well as Ruqsana’s family.  They had gatherings at each other’s houses and learned a lot from them too.  This crucial and miraculous change had an impact on the Muslim community and they all started coming and questioning more about Islam in detail.  Momina was the center of attention along with Ruqsana and it all ended on the family being bombarded with so much questions, that they ended up to be the Islamic Council members of their community Masjid!  There they had a lot of people, Mashallah, come in and ask them for advice, about darses, and etc.  Ruqsana was filled with joy and with every passing day, she felt herself pulled even closer to Allah!  She had gotten honor from everyone without being liberal and this was a lesson to them all, Ruqsana and family, that dunya isn’t everything! Islam is the number one thing! This belief brought them closer to Allah and soon, they got plans of moving to an Islamic country to settle down and practice Islam more thoroughly. Momina’s folks also had plans about that and both families got their wishes and left to Qatar for good!  They lived happy lives for their remaining time and excelled here and earned deeds of good for their akhira!


Islamic short stories, Mindful

Bullyism is Not Winning

A lad named Ikram used to think bullying kids was the only way to be counted as a winner.  The base of this behavior was built upon himself being treated wrongly when he was a starter at Deen ul Islam school.  Despite its name being based on Islam, sad to say its management was very bad.  This is not to say that all Islamic schools are bad, but that a lot of institutions are not very different from regular schools, with just religion included.  That’s why it’s very important to have every school checked, but Ikram’s parents had never known, as not everyone does.  So Ikram was so called being trained a lot in Deen too, but the behavioral field was not paid attention to much.  If complaints came to the principal, he wouldn’t take it seriously.  That ended up in Ikram becoming a bully, since there was a big bully group in school.

Ikram used to bully kids underage, of course, and some of age too, who were weak.  Most of his age type were more alert and handled bully tricks smoothly, but for the unfortunate ones, it was a disaster.  When Ikram’s parents tried to switch schools, he threatened to hang out with the bad group, even out of school and join the bad one in the next school!  This was a problem of Ikram himself, and until he wouldn’t change his mind set, no one could.

His parents didn’t give up though.  They let him have his way, but secretly they kept supplicating to Allah for his guidance.  Because they were honest people, Allah answered their prayers!

One day, Ikram fell ill with high fever and respiratory infection.  The sickness lasted for 2 weeks.  His parents took him to the doctor and blew supplications on him, but he still didn’t heal completely.  It was during this painful time that Ikram had the realization of his wrongs.  He remembered the lessons his parents had taught him when he was small and started repenting for his sins.  He whined on the prayer rug to Allah saying, “Ya Allah! Cure me from this sickness….””I will stop my evil ways and submit only to good and you…Ya Allah…I promise to you…”  After this, he recovered fully!

When he returned to school, the bullies were shocked at his change of behavior.  They tried to bring him back, but now, he helped the innocent kids.  Since Ikram was a strong and sturdy boy, he was feared by the bullies now.  They wouldn’t dare come near any kid who was with him.  On the other hand, the kids who were innocent, were still afraid of him because he was acting strange so suddenly, but after some time passed, they got to know him better.  Ikram’s reputation increased and grades as well.  He was known as a role model for younger kids.

His parents were so happy and they also realized, because they were close to Allah, that the ailment Ikram had gotten, was actually a punishment from Allah so that he could change his ways.  That is why it is said, “Allah uses problems to change our lives!”