Islamic short stories, Mindful

Pangs of Life

Once upon a day, a family was joyously waitin for their young one. After all these years they were unitin…but the young one had been divided in half..becoz half of her was where she came from..n the other half from where she grew. As she was gliding into the lovely atmosphere…full of flowers..essence..n cool light…her face turned a sorrowful pale…where she is lookin back at where she came from…the joy of unitin with her roots is much..but the division factor is a as she exits..there is a strong pang..which is covered by joy, love, and sweetness. But the place where she came from is gloomy n dull..droopy n gray..there is no way her life here…can be better then where she grew. U can compare both places as a heart which is gray n pink…to a heart which is pink n red. The first has less life…the second has more life! In other words, where she had gone…was not a life giver..rather a life destroyer..n where she had been..was a life supporter. This is the condition of most after changes …only one thing can change all…n that is Allah! However, in some places the negativity is so much..that conditions r very that case..u need a better solution..of course Allah is there..but he gives solutions to us through signs..if u don’t heed…it is destruction for u! May Allah give us all a better understanding..n keep us close to Him! AAmeen!

Islamic short stories, Mindful

Doubt Proved False

In the beautiful city of Blissentious, there lived a lad named Masruq. Composed in a family of 7, he was the eldest brother. Besides him, there were 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Being raised in a religious atmosphere, all had been trained to be decent and mannerly.  However, Mukhtar, next brother after Masruq, got tied up in the worldly desires. Since is start at college, Mukhtar had fallen in with the bad group.

Slowly, his actions changed and affected the whole house, but before going this far, his parents and Masruq had tried to stop him by giving constant reminders and soft talks.  But Mukhtar was completely changed. He became more rebellious when they talked to him and listened to the worst form of songs, media that was devastating, and skipped prayers.  He woke at different times and skipped breakfast or all the meals, and ate only junk. He would remain in a trance as if he weren’t in this world at all because of the music he absorbed.

Then, he started listening at loud volumes if he got into a really bad mood.  This disturbed the whole house because they were all busy with something and more importantly, didn’t go into this Haram stuff. Masruq talked him into stopping this behavior, which he did temporarily, but not for very long. He wasn’t listening to his parents much either.

Mukhtar was taken to the psychiatrist, after being taken to Sheikhs, as his behavior was changing.  According to psychiatrist, he was mentally disturbed.  So Masruq and family took him to be ill, until a decision could be reached and to keep the younger siblings calmed down.

Now, it was during this time that Masruq had tried to help Mukhtar out by spending time with him to find out what was bothering him. And the result had been that his parents started suspecting him to be a music fan too.  What had happened was that when Masruq went in Mukhtar’s room, music would be blaring, but he would tell him to shut it down, when he’s there, which he did after a while. So the younger siblings went and told his parents’ that “Bhaiyya is listening to music too because it’s too loud in Mukhtar Bhai’s room, but he’s still there.”

As a result, they accepted this rumor, instead of clarifying it. Masruq was hit hard. He was trying to do all a favor, but was thought of as doing bad.  He explained to his parents what his goal was, but they still stayed a bit cold towards him. Masruq was mad a bit at that, but he remained calm and did Sabr. He was the most farmabadar son in his family and knew how to treat parents. The only thing he did was pray to Allah at Tahajjud and major Salats to bring up the truth.

One day, a noble, pious ma, named Khalil Sahab, came to their home.  He was a friend of Masruq and Mukhtar’s father. He asked him about the family and he also saw that Masruq had come to say salaam, but not Mukhtar. He asked to meet Mukhtar, but of course, he didn’t come. Trusting his friend, their father told him what had happened and so he went to talk to Mukhtar, despite his father saying, “Khalil Sahab, he isn’t talking to anyone…” “I am afraid he may be rude to you..” Khalil Sahab just shook his head and walked on. They followed.

Khalil Sahab entered his room and said, “Assalaamu alaikum beite, how are you?” Mukhtar just stared at him without any response and continued listening to his song on headphone. Khalil Sahab repeated and held out his hand.  Mukhtar unwillingly stopped his music and replied, without shaking hands.  Then he asked Mukhtar some questions amongst which were, “Did any of your siblings discoursge or encourage you to do this?” Mukhtar responded, “They said nothing, save Masruq Bhai.” Khalil Sahab asked, “Did he encourage or discourage you?” Mukhtar said, “He discouraged me.” “That’s why I respect him, though I didn’t follow his advice completely.”

Here, their father was listening. This proved that Masruq was innocent.  He had been telling the truth.  Masruq thanked Allah, “Alhumdulillah wa shukru lillah!” Alla this fuss had started because he had been seen going in Mukhtar’s room frequently and the youngsters had given assumed info.  But what was Bhaiyya doing for real? No one knew!

Khalil Sahab blew some supplications on Mukhtar and left the room.  He told their father to continue these supplications, which were Suras Fatiha, Falaq, Nas, and Ikhlas along with Ayat ul Kursi and the last two ayats of Al Baqarah.  After some days, Mukhtar was back to normal.  He himself was guilty for his behavior, which was caused by the pressure from friends and evil eye.

Masruq was happy. He had been proven not guilty, and Mukhtar had come back to normal. His parents had apologized and patted him. The power of dua and yaqeen in Allah helped Masruq and his honesty, patience, and purity helped as well.

Therefore, “Don’t go by assumption but by evidence.”



Islamic short stories, Mindful

The Fruit of Sincerity by Mindful

There was a boy named Tahir, who lived in New Brunswick. He was second eldest out of siblings.  From childhood to adulthood, he had been taught about Islam in a very understandable and nice way.  Therefore, he was a good example for his siblings, after his elder brother.  Because his older brother was on his own now, Tahir had the responsibility at home.  Even his friends knew how strict and firm Tahir was, but even then some were there with evil intentions.

One day, Tahir went to play badminton with a couple friends.  On the way back, they stopped for drinks at a local store.  Tahir didn’t take the drink that they took because it was root beer.  The boys’ tried to get Tahir to drink some giving excuses such as “It isn’t real beer!” “It’s just a name!”  But Tahir refused saying, “Say what you want boys, but what’s in doubt should not be drunk at all!” And he drank cream soda.

Next time, after playing their game, each boy was drinking their own drink, when one of the boys’ named Nasir gave him a can with the label of cream soda on it.  The label was in place so neatly that Tahir didn’t notice and drank it, keeping in mind that it was cream soda! The taste wasn’t much different, so Tahir was unaware.  The boys saw this and all laughed then the Nasir asked, “So…how’s it?” Tahir replied normally, “It’s good…because cream soda always is..” Nasir just laughed and kept quiet.

When Tahir arrived home, he felt some weird feeling inside himself.  Then he had a sudden urge to vomit and he ran to the bathroom.  After he was relieved, he said to himself, “This is all Nasir’s doing…Istaghfirullah!” “He fooled me into drinking root beer…La hawla wala quwwata illah billah!”

The next day, upon meeting Nasir, Tahir didn’t fight or shout, but calmly said, “May Allah guide you to the staright path…Aameen!” Nasir just stared and acted as if nothing was wrong, then said, “Hey pal, what’s the matter?” “you feelin’ ok?” Tahir continued, “You think you can get away with your pranks, but Allah is watching.” “He saves whom he wishes and destroys whom he wishes.” “Repent dude and come to the truth.”  Nasir had no effect. Instead, he said sarcastically, “Huh, listen pal, I don’t want preaching, you hear?” “So what if you found out eh?” “A prank…haha..nothing to be serious about.”  Tahir shook his head and said, “May Allah open your heart.” and left.

Because Tahir was kind, patient, and resistant, Nasir had an effect.  A couple days after, he came to Tahir, ashamed and apologetic. “Sorry man…thought about what you said…it made me feel guilty…” “I want to learn more dude…could you help me out?” Tahir forgave him and Nasir came more and more towards Deen.  Tahir became a top figure in the community for his personality and reputation.

Allah had chosen Tahir as a means of giving hidayat, so whether big or small, all folks respected and followed his advices. Tahir’s household was known as a source of light to those in the community and he excelled in all, worldly and Islamic things.




Islamic short stories, Mindful

A Reality….Beware!

Once there was a girl named Samra.  She was the eldest of 3 siblings, consisting of 2 sisters and one brother.  She was nine years old and in an Islamic school called Al Husn Al Khalq.  She went here with her cousins, paternal.  All of her paternal relatives lived nearby, therefore they went to the same school.  This city was in a desert state called Arizona.  The city, Flagstaff, was considerably in better condition than the northern parts.  Samra had been raised with her cousins, so she was naturally attached to them.  Since her arrival to the United States, Samra had been treated with love and care.  All loved her for her disciplined behavior, which was opposite of her cousins’ behaviors. 

So, it happened one day, it was family dinner time and all the uncles and aunts had come.  Samra was playing with her cousins, when her older cousin, Huma,  came, grabbed her by the neck, and tried to choke her!  Samra started screaming and crying.  She was shocked at this sudden rash behavior.  She couldn’t believe that someone who was a Baji to her, had actually done this to her.  All this had taken place in front of her siblings and other cousins.  Though Huma had left her when she had screamed, marks of her hand were visible on Samra’s neck. 

Both the girls’ mothers came on immediate notice from siblings and Huma was taken to another room for “serious punishment”.  It looked as if for real Huma was going to get punished, but in reality, she was being praised for such behavior.  This was the extent of jealousy that had developed in the hearts of Huma, her mom, and the remaining aunts.  Samra was taken to the drawing room, to be in sight of her mother.  But the aunts had all been pleased with this action.  The right thing to do, was to discipline and change their children’s behaviors, but they took the opposite solution.  Because Samra was a favorite to her uncles and grandfather, Huma’s mom, who was the oldest aunt, had gotten jealous.  And then the news spread to all the other aunts and they joined in too.  Though they weren’t harming, they were happy at the wrongdoings of others. 

Huma apologized to Samra, from the outside, but on the inside, there was still a flame.  Samra was then separated from her cousins, because they all had the same feeling and intention for her, to harm.  But Samra didn’t get isolated, she found true friends in replacement for her cousins.  She had felt lonely and cried too in the beginning, but her sabr helped her to achieve something better.

Now the point to be explained here is, how hard it is to believe that blood relatives would actually do something like this, right? Yet it is true.  Parents should keep an eye on their, even in family relations.  There’s no telling when Shaitan will jump in and place jealousy in someone’s heart.  Also, recite the Muaddhatain (recite suras Ikhlas, Falaq, Nas, and Fatiha 3 times each) and blow it on them.  If they are able, have them do it.  This is protection from evil.  Other than this, recite the following duas always: “Bismillahil ladhi la yadurru ma asmihi shay un fil ardi wala fiss samaaee wa huwass samee’ul a’leem.” and “Audhu bikalimaatillahit taamaati min sharri ma khalaq.”

After this, Samra visited her relatives, but with supervision from her parents.  That is, when all were invited.  As she grew older, she became more alert and recited these protections herself.  As a result, no harm was done to her again.  Later on, she moved away and that made things much better for them all!  No more direct contact!  Samra lived happily ever after, with the company of friends, who filled the missing gap of cousins!

Islamic short stories, Mindful

Look Out!

Shaukat was a mannered and bright boy.  Counting from his studies to his friends’ etiquette, he was a very liked and role taken person. Being the second oldest in his family, he was pretty responsible.  A time came when his Dad was unable to drive or move, so he was the driver, making trips to and fro, as well as help his Dad mobilize.  Having 5 younger siblings, he was a very patient and respecting person.  Older than him, was a sister, who didn’t drive.  She had other activities and chores to see to with Mom, so Shaukat was Dad’s partner.  The only problematic thing about Shaukat was, he was a speedy driver.  No matter what happened he wouldn’t slow down.  His parents tried to warn him about accidents and dangers time and time again, but he would say “Ji…ji..ok.” but not implement it.

Then one day it happened that Shaukat and his friends planned a race on the main road! Shaukat and two of his friends were going to do it, keeping in mind that none of the parents knew.  The race started after Dhuhr prayer.  The boys were dodging cars and speeding on signals.  After like five signals, on the fifth one, a car swerved right in front of Shaukat, missing him by an half an inch! If Shaukat had not braked right then, it would’ve been “Kaboom!”

Why had Shaukat been saved by a close call? Because he had supplicated and read the adhkar of protection, which he never forgot!  After this event, Shaukat gave up these activities and speeding for good.  His friends were a source of temptation to him, but he held them off by saying, “Look dudes, I have a family to look after and siblings to teach!” “If I do these careless acts, what’ll they learn from me?” “I can’t let that happen!” And so he continued his life with his family, to his family’s relief, and excelled to a level of higher respect!


Islamic short stories, Mindful

A Close Disability

Once there was a boy named Shaz. He was the eldest of 5 siblings consisting of 2 sisters and 3 brothers, him included.  He was a very respectable and loved elder brother.  He was a good role model for his siblings and friends too.  He was raised with the light of Deen and followed what he learned.  He knew his limits and allowances, so he was always firm in his decisions.  His school always out him up as a star student.  Bad boys were scared of him and listened to him. Some of them changed from his personality too.  Others liked him because of his habits.  Being a very good example of good awlad, his parents always used to give him duas and pray for his safety.

So, one day it happened, that he was playing football, soccer, on the open road area, where there were no cars and usually there were none.  A couple friends were playing with him, when suddenly one of the guys pushed him accidentally, causing him to fall hard on his bottom.  For a few seconds, he couldn’t breathe nor give any emotion, except stare in horror like a person in a trance.  The boys had gone to fetch the principal and at the same time, the boy who had pushed him was trying to talk to him & apologize, but Shaz was unable to talk yet.

After sometime, he came to his senses, but in a state of shock and pain.  He could feel the pain in his chest and spine when he breathed.  His whole insides were jerked up in the fall!  When he tried to get up, he yelled out and sat back!  The principal arrived with the nurse, who was also male, and they lifted him slowly to his feet, without bending.  His parents were called already, so they arrived pretty alarmed.

The nurse checked him out and told his parents to put a homeopathic gel called Arnica on him.  Then if it doesn’t work, take him to the hospital.  However, being experienced in his field, the nurse was pretty sure it was a sprain. Also, Shaz was able to walk now, so he suggested this medicine before big options.

The boy who had pushed him was so guilty about his fault, that he visited Shaz daily and constantly apologized, but Shaz told him, “Hey dude, cool off…I’m ok!” “No biggy…accidents happen pal!”  Only after that did he relax a bit, otherwise he was very ashamed.

Now about the injury, it ended up being a sprain.  Now, the major point here is that when the awlad of parents are naik, Allah protects them.  Though Shaz had gotten injured, t wasn’t life threatening or deadly.  If Allah had wanted, it could’ve been opposite, but his deeds and actions saved him in Allah’s view!  Plus, parents’ prayers for their son too!



Islamic short stories, Mindful

A Day In The Life Of Haitham

One day, Haitham woke to a beautiful morning in the month of January on Saturday.  This was the day he was to give his final exam for a degree he was working on for almost two yrs.  His proctor came around noon for the exam.  The case was that Haitham was doing the exam online.  His college had the choice of online or paper so he chose online, since it was more convenient.  So, when he finished his test, the results came immediately.

He had passed and that was the end of his 2 yrs. work!  What was the secret behind his success?  The obvious reason was that he studied hard and long.  But the real reason was  that he had prayed 2 rakat before giving the exam and made constant duas during the weeks that passed!  Also, he had woken for Tahajjud prayers too!  Both of these reasons are imporatant, but the second one is the ultimate key to success in anything!

So, the thing to keep in mind is, study hard for all tests and exams, but don’t forget to remember Allah, for He is the one who makes you what you are!

Islamic short stories, Mindful

Back to Deen

In the city of Sandusky, there lived a lad of young age named Akhtar.  Raised in the U.S. and brought up in a strictly religious family, Akhtar was a very good boy.  In the beginning years of education, he was put in public schools, but from grade 3, he was in Islamic school.  Though the environment there was not very different from public schools, it was still better in restricting a lot of the things not forbidden in regular school.

For the high school years, he was in virtual and private schools because of bad groups in the Islamic schools.  Aside from the bad groups, there was the mixing problem too otherwise.  And Akhtar grew into a young youth with good manners, but then everything changed when he met a friend named Hassan, who was the spoiled kid of an Arab family.  This was during Akhtar’s college years because college was hands on, he couldn’t do it virtually.

Hassan was a lousy and careless wretched boy who was totally unserious in life and wanted to enjoy the fitnas of this world.  Like most unknowledgeable kids, he was also of the concept that “Life is here, not elsewhere!”  Akhtar, although raised with the truth from childhood, was in the transition mode of full maturity from juvenile, so he came into this boy’s talks.

Now, the thing is that when someone sees a Muslim, he automatically thinks that he is a good fellow, but that is not always the case, as in this situation.  Hassan’s best thing was to listen to rubbish music and get influenced by the artists!  Although Akhtar felt an inner guilt doing all these things too, he was in a way trapped!

Akhtar’s household was really shocked in his sudden changing behavior and tried to stop him in the beginning phases, but he wouldn’t listen!  Well known scholars and experienced people were called in to help him, but he rejected them all!  The only thing he’d say is, “I wanna be rich and become a musician to be one…because they always succeed!”  This was really a stunning phrase for his parents.  He was too much under Hassan’s influence.

Here, it was obvious that he too, like Hassan, had flown into the dunya for the pleasures here, forgetting all his parents’ efforts of tarbiyat.  His parents could only pray and ask forgiveness for any wrongs they had done and then a day came for them of joy!

Hassan had gone to do one of the concerts from school and there it was that he was shot down and finished!  Akhtar was in sudden shock!  He hadn’t thought anything of this sort would happen, since Hassan hadn’t started professionally yet, but this was the turning point! Thanks to his parents’ supplications, Akhtar was brought back to the right path!  Akhtar repented for his sins and sought forgiveness of his parents.  They, of course, forgave him because whatever he had done….he was still their son and beloved! 

Afterwards, he finished college and became an IT professional.  Almost immediately, he was hired in a big and known company in Madina.  He and his parents moved there for good and after sometime, Akhtar took them all for Hajj!



Islamic short stories, Mindful

The Unfair Ustada

Once there was a girl named Rimsha.  She was a bright student who always got straight “As”.  All her classmates were awed with her studying ability.  She was also a very strict religious girl.  Her day would pass with prayers and islamic studies.  Her dad would have a session of tafseer and fiqh everyday.  Plus, she used to make dua before every assignment, exam, or quiz.  And each assignment would begin with Bismillah!

But one day, she noticed her grades weren’t satisfactory!  It was true she got 90s and 95s, but now her grades were dangling at 75s, even though her lowest grades would be 85s!  She was confused and told her parents, who were also concerned because they knew her ability.  Still they gave normal suggestions, “Maybe it happened from overpressure.” “Or you were tired out.”  Rimsha agreed, but on the inside, something was telling her that it’s not true.  She was feeling a little down, but she prayed deep and sincere, even in tahajjud!

As a result, a teacher of another class saw her grading Rimsha’s paper, and she saw that the grade she gave Rimsha was incorrect!  What was more shocking was that the answer sheet had a correct answer and she was marking that as incorrect!  So, this teacher went and told the principal about Rimsha’s teacher’s behavior.  She was called in and demanded to give the paper that she was recently grading, “Let me see the paper you were just grading.” said the principal very seriously.  “I don’t see why you want this particular paper, why not the others?” said Rimsha’s teacher.  “You shouldn’t have a problem with that if you’re not hiding anything, Miss!” said the principal, eyeing her suspiciously.

Now she knew she would be caught.  So she sat there nervously.  After sometime, the principal questioned her, “Why were you giving some student wrong scores and others right ones?”  “I—-I—–….” she fumbled for words, but none came.  “I can’t believe you were being bias!”  “I didn’t expect this distance to come and it says it in the school policy too.” ‘Despite this fact, you were doing this!” the principal continued, “As of today, I am suspending you.” “Until further notice, you may not enter school premises.”  Rimsha’s teacher had turned pale because this would mean bad for her future career.

Rimsha, for her yaqeen on Allah and no bad attitude towards anyone, was told of the happenings and the principal apologized to her and the other students, who had gotten wrong grades.  Rimsha continued her hard work and studies with the same devotion and concentration, knowing Allah was with her!


Islamic short stories, Mindful

Story of Success

Kullusham was a very good girl at heart, but she wasn’t taught about mazhab in the light of Islam.  She was an ordinary Pakistani girl who knew just the basics of Islam ritually, like praying, fasting, giving sadaqa, and etc.  But practically, she was nothing, aside from wearing hijab on a uniform.  Although her parents weren’t religious, they cared about the difference in public and Islamic schools.  So, she was a talib-e-ilm of Banaatul Islamia, which was the school name, but she had no strong belief of Islam in her.  She felt the emptiness in her, but didn’t know how to fill it.  Her parents had thought that Islamic school would help her in Islamic studies, but that wasn’t it.  Her parents, too, wanted her to learn more about Islam, and what they learnt they passed on to her. Although they were themselves not knowledgeable about Islam that much, they wanted it for her.  However, she needed experienced guidance and social environment that could prompt her to change.  Her friends, too, were not very good girls because at some point they were exposed to the wrong media such as, music, films, pictures, etc.  So, Kullusham ended up in the same class as these girls and of course the consequence would be that she would adapt their behaviors!

Now Kullusham had exposure to some of this kind of media too, but it wasn’t as bad as what these girls watched or listened to.  Here I would like to mention that even a strong Muslim shakes off the path if he has the wrong time of peer group, so Kullusham didn’t have any environment at all about true Islam.  The result was going to end up here of course because she was uninformed thoroughly.  The only thing in her knowledge was that there is a limit to what’s good and bad as a culture.  Despite the fact that she was pressuringly involved in this stuff, she felt a weird type of guilt inside her.  It was as if someone was whispering to her, “This is Shaitan….don’t follow…..this is the path to destruction…” “Find the path to your achievement…..the path of Allah….the path of Islam….!”

For Kullusham, this thing started a tug of war because at one point she was into the worldly status stuff and in the other the path to the truth.  Her parents knew about her friends and since they were experienced people, they knew that they were spoiled girls.  They just prayed for their daughter and took her to Islamic gatherings to try to give her some environment of Deen.

Then suddenly, one day she just started avoiding all these activities and spent more time in Islamic studies or the Islamic discussion groups in the local masjids.  When her dad went to the masjid, she would insist on going too.  Her parents were both pleased and surprised at this sudden change in her, but they thanked Allah for bringing this change about.   At the same time they prayed for themselves to be more good examples for their daughter too since they hadn’t already been educated about Islam.  They remembered that when Kullusham used to come home and tell them about the Islamic studied lesson she learned, they would just pass it on without much importance saying, “Oh that’s good beta….very nice….hmmmm really?” and etc.

Now though, her parents were really getting happy with each coming day because their daughter was increasing in the Light if Deen and this was their inner heart’s desire ever since they had realized Islam’s importance.  Allah had granted their prayers and gotten them into more deenistic activities.  Kullusham and her mom wore the veil with abaya and her dad grew a beard and wore shalwar khamees most of the time.  He aslo went to the masjid on regular basis.  The whole family got so much closer to Allah now, that they would not like to do anything else but ibada!

Then smiling moments came in their life, when Kullusham had 2 brothers and one sister more added to their family.  However, they moved overseas to the MiddleEast so they could more freely practice their religion and provide a better educative environment for their children.  Kullusham went to college in Saudi Arabia, which was now their home, and her siblings to the school there that were separate.

Overtime, Kullusham and her family achieved the level of imaan that every naik person could wish for and Allah helped them excel in their life.  Her brothers’ became successful businessmen, along with respectful sons to their parents.  Also they were trained for self defense and weaponry in case of jihad.  Kullusham became a naturopathic healer and had a private job of her own.  Her sister became a doctor for females and girls.  Her parents were pleased with all their children and said in their time alone, “I am very thankful to Allah that he guided us to this path and kept our children on it too.” “Alhumdulillah we have done our part for them,” they would say to one another, “Inshallah they will do the same for our coming generations ameen!” And they lived happily in Saudi Arabia afterwards!