Islamic poetry, Mindful

Common for All

There’s always a trial for the human,

Whether a Muslim or not,

Every human faces it,

But a Muslim manages it,

Whilst any other may turn to their beliefs,

Or use other means of peace,

However the Muslim is at peace,

Once he knows that Allah loves me,

So He tests me,

And life is challenging,

In order to prepare you,

For the permanent residence in the Hereafter!

Islamic poetry, Mindful


What beauties has He given us,


What softness has He shown us,


What gifts has He bestowed on us,


What love He’s shown to us,


What knowledge He’s blown on us,


What protection He has thrown on us,


We should be bowing to Him,

With the Most greatfulness,

From our hearts!


Islamic poetry, Mindful


A child feels so weird,

He hasn’t seen the world much,

Relations have stayed out,

Danger was from them expected,

Therefore parents kept him away,

After being a sensible young man,

He was taken to the relations,

But not very fondly yet manageably,

Attachment wasn’t there either,

Yet blending in was attempted,

But to no success for attitudes were,

Very shocking and strange for him there,

Then father left for work purposes,

Leaving mother in custodial watch,

However for him it was upsetting,

Because she was openly free in speaking,

Which was bothersome to the boy,

Thus he remained quiet but disturbed,

Waiting for the day this tension will end,

Hope stayed with him all along,

Because Allah was with him all along!

Islamic poetry, Mindful


A shield to protect,

Not to reject,

A posession to shine,

Not to bind,

A valuable thing,

Not to spring,

A sign of honor,

Not to dishonor,

A humbling attitude,

Not to delude,

An important tool,

For life’s rule,

A cherishable key,

To all mysteries,

A reputated stamp,

Not to tramp,

Given from Allah,

To those who fear Allah,

Keep it safe,

Don’t let it escape!

Islamic poetry, Mindful

Complex Behaviors

Many times there are sayings,

That are said by elders,

Or experienced folk,

About the way of behaving,

In different societies,

For the likes,

Such as high low and average,

In these,

People usually have a level of complexity,

Meaning they try to be like the other class,

Rather than their own,

This behavior causes them to look more idiotic,

And lose their own identity and respect,

So apparently my opinion also states,

That this is true,

Because it happens so often,

Being a part of current society,

I advise that folk stop this nonsense,

And be what they are freely,

Without any complex emotions,

Sure they come,

But trash them,

And stick to Allah’s path,

That’s much better for you!

Islamic poetry, Mindful

Evil Apparitions

Daily doing tasks of dark,

Craving to break someone’s heart,

Love of hate is imminent always,

Errands of the dirtiest kind avail,

Tearing someone from her kin,

Ruining reputation of innocents,

Killing a body from misusage,

Hiding in one’s soul for-ever,

Dropping sins on all humanity,

Controlled by evil criminal minds,

Fleeing only strong minds,

Other than these none at all,

How then can one see them,

Through the teaches of Muslims,

Which is to read supplications,

That overpower the worst kind,

Starting on with Muazzatain!