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Just for Fun

When u roam around,

On the ground,

U feel the pinch,

From a finch,

U grow in a flow,

NOt knowing how u glow,

Walking past the sites,

NOt knowing the mights,

Living on bites,

NOt feeling tight,

That’s the mind blind,

Not knowing what to find!

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Fudge Rots

Pretty coincidentally,

Black tends to be hideous,

As well as evil and bias,

You may go easy on it,

But it eats you up,

So whether or not you pity,

It is a rotten color,

A rotten personality,

That needs to be tended,

To keep tame else,

It revolves around help,

Very take for granted,

Sorry to those not in it,

Because the most are in!




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Rotts of Time


Whether big or small,

Tall or short,

Always a jerk,

The feeling of time,

Hateful beings,

Idiotsome teens,

Rotten peeps,

Type of creeps,

Some under your nose,

Just much as a dose,

Never get ya,

No matter what ya,

Sometimes that alone,

Kills the shown,

Not perfect,

But very subject,

U know this world,

Better than the real!