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Once so ambitious,

Once so lorn,

Now unknown,

Now forlorn,

Greeted by dismays,

Always so gray,

But like a secret,

Not to be regret,

Grew so tall,

Grew so lone,

Blew up high,

Like one blown,

It was never,

A nice weather,

Now to be tethered,

Ended up like a cube,

From a standing tube,

Became broke,

But to stroke,

Had to fly on,

My way long,

See you all,

When it’s all in call!

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Killer Times

Once upon a day,

I used to be shway,

Living in good joy,

To those annoyed,

Then when tempos changed,

I became so deranged,

So many ups n downs,

Losing much ground,

A booming moment,

A blast of enjoyment,

Then so lost was I,

No thing to deny,

I floated away,

To all’s dismay,

No longer was I,

The one to shy,

Rather a wandering apparition,

Waiting for revision,

Deserving harsh situation,

For past decisions,

So overwhelmed,

So confused,

No more one being,

Rather a toy to be beamed!



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Wilted Flower

Risen with the sun so bright,

Fallen with the sounds of fright,

Standin high with cinfidence,

Until a sigh of restlessness,

Wilting with the patters oncoming,

Shattering out all its wings,

Once so delicate and trained,

No more up to the game,

By the end of time,

So helplessly a beaten lime,

As the wind blows,

The splattered flower flows!



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Lil One

A toy to share,

Handle with care,

Soothing to the touch,

When u’ve had much,

Brings cheer,

Where there is sneer,

Babbles on n on,

Like a bubbling song,

Takes up attention,

When ur in tension,

Brings out responses,

When u r in ounces,

Sweet kisses given,

Without any division,

A deserving lil soul,

Full of hours of toll!

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Call Me Crazy

Brain burning red,

All rotten stuff said,

Guns firing straight,

Without any fate,

Forceful commands given,

Without any decision,

A polar bear prowls,

With many howls,

An owl hoots,

Without boots,

A lion roars,

Without sores,

This is a chaotic zoo,

With a boiling stew,

That is the scene,

In my eyes seen,

Call me crazy,

If u r not dazy!