Ballads, Mindful

A Sad Tale

Once there was a lad,

Born in lands afar,

Who grew up in Canadian territory,

Was brought around the U.S.,

Visits he made to his kin in Tucson,

But never stayed long,

Then taken back to North lands,

One day he came through,

For work & all,

Also for surprises as well,

Arranged for him was a celebration,

Only for us to in exclamation,

Joy and harmony were ours to hold,

Trembling with excitement behold,


But not 7 days had passed,

That the death of this lad,

Did clash,

Sorrow and grief,

Replaced happiness,

With all in showers of tears,

Over the lost youth,

Not a day passed,

With kin crying out,

Where hath gone,

My precious bun,

And so ends,

The sad tale of Willow Bend!


Ballads, Mindful

Miss Idiossy

Guess who I saw in Dallas today,

You won’t remember anyway,

She was tall as broom,

Enough to loom,

And round as a bite,

Fit to site,

She talked and talked,

Till we went green,

And kept up her chatter,

Till we dreamed,

She fussed with her Mom,

Which was wrong,

And got her way,

Through spoiled days,

She bullied kids,

As if she were bid,

And stuck her nose,

Like a pose,

Did you get who she can be?

No one other than Miss Idiossy!

Ballads, Mindful

The Witch Who Belittled Her Son

Once a lady,

Known as a witch,

Had 4 sons,

And belittled which?

The second youngest one,

And the reason being,

That he adopted truth,

While she adopted greed,

Her sons remaining,

Did her bidding,

Whilst this son,

Who was guided truly,

Did not so,

She discouraged him such,

But to no avail,

Yet continued her plot,

To destroy this son,

Including the events,

Rejection to plea for help,

Denying loan for help,

Lying about his family,

Spreading falsehoods for enmity,

Putting false blames for fame,

Avoiding talking,

When he’s calling,

Do you so see,

The blight of she,

Whose own blood she rejected,

For honesty,

Saying no to all such titles,

Which should be,

So may be cursed,

She who does these,

Heartbreaking deeds!

The Witch of Selfishdee!

Ballads, Mindful

A Pitied Being

Abandoned by family,

Left in despair at a crucial moment in his life,

Siblings all playing tricks on his,

Or in other words using his,

Then kicking his off,

No support from loved ones,

Left on his own,

Declared off relations,

Put apart from all siblings,

For his religion and beliefs,

Disrespected in front of people,

Parents heartless,

All sisters bad except one,

All brothers mean,

None to look up to,

Living his life in whatever way possible,

Sticking to religion,

Staying with own society,

Friends who care,

And in the end,

The successful one will be she,

Because he strived for right,

Whilst they (parents/siblings),

Strived for wrong!


Ballads, Mindful

The Evil Mother

There is a lady,

Dreaded by all,

She breaks families up,

And loves it when someone cries,

She hurts people’s feelings,

And rejoices happily,

She tells lies,

That no one dares correct,

She possibly even changes history,

Because not everyone knows,

She does as she wishes,

And no one stops her,

She keeps her husband as a slave,

Who does her bidding,

But in comparison,

 Is better known,

She ruined the lives of her children,

Who all crossed her path,

She brings hatred,

Where there was once love,

She brings jealousy,

Where there was once happiness,

She tears apart,

What was once united,

She brings conflict,

Where there was once peace,

And her only weakness is,

Being alone,

Because if her slave leaves her,

She will be lonely,

And no one will ask about her,

But abandon her,

Her only purpose for going everywhere,

Is because of her slave,

So beware of these personalities,

And stay away,

I warn you,

If however she’s your relation,

Such as mother, sister, etc.

Then keep a distant contact with them,

Only for the sake of family law,

But don’t come into her power!