Ballads, Mindful

Mrs. Blythe’s Tale

An orphan from age 6,

Living in the cruelties,

Of mistresses or owners,

Til one day being age 12,

She was fortunately taken,

By two old kinfolk of P.E.I,

The lady despised at first,

But innerly loved her,

The man liked her already,

And dealed to be the guardian,

She then started her life anew,

As a girl of high spirits,

Days and years til the man’s daeth,

As well as the lady’s eyesight,

Also taken as parents of twins,

From the orphan home of course,

Until she was a mother of six,

Then became the twins,

Boy and girl,

Uncles of the six little ones,

Including twin girls,

And here she became a respected lady,

Rich, decent, and mannered woman,

As well as nurse and healer,

No telling that she was from,

A poor asylum or bullied target,

So ends Mrs. Blythe’s tale!

Ballads, Mindful

Tiger Ann Parker

Here is a girl,

Who grew up with Mom ab,

And Dad mentally ill,

Yet she was normal,

And survived til middle school,

Then conflicts arose,

Because of parental behavior,

Mom was so babyish for her,

Dad was weird for others,

Friends didn’t invite to their parties,

Grandma died of a snake bite,

All burden on her shoulders,

Or else aunt was willing,

But with parents to own survival,

Or special care homes,

But mature was she,

That she took responsibility,

At the age of thirteen,

She was a smart queen,

So goes the story of ,

Tiger Ann Parker,

The girl who realized,

The worth of parents,

No matter what their weaknesses,

Challenges/problems maybe!

Ballads, Mindful

Spring Oh Spring Come So Soon

A field of nature in bloom,

A dashing color of flowers afoot,

Lovely trees of blankets so swoon,

Beautiful shades of sky are previewed,

Sweet mists blowing past your boon,

Windy willows swinging in glee,

Fresh body in action is imminent,

Such slim appetite is performed,

Pretty colors are shown on the moon,

Of the floating person in the happy groom,

All thoughts of depression are gone,

Thoughts of Happesion instead are broomed,

To put together a soul lost,

In the city of Depressialot,

So heigh ho the city of Happesion!


Ballads, Mindful

So Called Noble Uncle

Once there was a girl of young,

Who had 3 uncles of a fortune,

One was rather very unliked,

The other was avoided through some instinct,

The third was thought to be jolly,

Yet turned out to be a folly,

The tale that is amazing to the eye,

Is actually concerning number 2,

Of the listing line,

Support was granted from him,

To be true,

But some unknown sorrow or rather,

Fear was also known,

He helped yes in many things today,

But always had a cunning style anew,

Then there was a dream,

Of which significance shocked,

The girl whose uncle 2 was fore taught,

The thoughts of diplomacy went through,

And she shivered to know what to do for,

The only thing that she concluded thus,

Was to stay away from him so far,

Though all are considered dangerous,

His particular one gets too high,

For he hides his true image inside,

And plays diplomacy on all,

Who then can stand such a stall,

For ye will parish at one small!


Ballads, Mindful

Strange Old Lady

I saw a lady one day,

Who was dressed religiously,

She looked sort of humble,

Yet behavior was none,

Her daughters were misbehaved,

Her son one who is done,

Her habits one of doubt,

And conduct of weird style,

Her youngster boy out of control,

Her group of friends suspicious,

Not only is it that but cracked,

She looks like she’ll burn,

Once she is in hum,

The actions and personalities,

That we have seen all lead to,

One event which is to be seen,

For we know not which is true,

But we have gathered facts,

That need evidence,

So I can conclude the tale,

Of a hideous strange woman,

With a heart beaten!

Ballads, Mindful

Lily Harper

A girl lived in the Texan woods,

With her family of six folks,

She was grown as a tomboy,

And taught not much discipline,

3 sisters of hers were girly,

Leaving her to play boy,

Their father was a bet-ter,

And lost all his money,

Fines started arising,

To threaten his property,

So he suggested to Lily,

Along with her sisters,

To rob people in the valleys,

Nearby his home,

So away went Lily & gang,

To do her bid,

And caught only one,

Later discovered a sheriff,

That this family robbed,

And to jail they were taken,

The girls that were four,

Leaving the mother aghast,

But father abashed,

Released they were on pleading,

Guilty of being so young,

That judge bid them pardon,

And home to reform,

Then Lily worked on,

Dramas to earn for her dorm,

And during such travels,

Got hit torn,

Toughness got her the better,

For her score,

So ended the tale,

Of Lily Harper’s affair!


Ballads, Mindful

Dreamer Girl

A little girl wandered off,

Into the scary woods,

Then didn’t know where to,

Go from the scruff,

But a light showed,

And she ran into the glaze,

That turned into haze!


Went she far into bliss,

Into a world of imaginary life,

With the truth all away,

Came she back to reality,

Through her silly dream,

That she had while asleep!


Oh what a funny dream,

It was indeed!