Ballads, Mindful

Gift of Patience

Two trinkets had she,

But lost them sadly,

Survival was hers,

Close and all over,

Only one diamond had she,

To care for so preciously,

Trials came along,

Yet she was strong,

Days passed so quickly,

Months gone so swiftly,

Then her diamond fell,

But thank God got well,

Reality came forth,

To show its worth,

Observation of years,

Brought on tears,

For true it was,

That the diamond was,

Her trinket all along,

Tamed by her so long!

Ballads, Mindful

Hard Hearted

A life was put on hand,

It was taken as a stand,

Golden days appeared,

Blue days disappeared,

Then trinkets were worn,

And many joys sworn,

Alas but enviness took shape,

Causing so many scrapes,

The life so wilted,

Never to be again tilted,

The realities were brutal,

The conditions unbearable,

So at last the life faded,

Leaving the hand shaded,

The hand had grown stiff,

It couldn’t even shift,

After the life left its grip,

Only then did it drip!

Ballads, Mindful

Bitter Sweet

A lass was once bound,

Was very weak wound,

A few months swooned,

Then ended in gloom,

She was very soft,

Not ready to loft,

But fate put her aloft,

Alas it was a sad flop,

Tragedy followed on,

Breaking her so wrong,

She was bonded once again,

Only to be left alone again,

Mentally unstable was she,

Life ruined up completely,

Attacks of breakdowns followed,

Ending in big sorrows,

But so long as the Creator heeds,

She will not un-weed,

Life is for her bitter sweet,

But some lives make her tweet,

So she lives on with a plea,

Oh God make not me so weak!

Ballads, Mindful

Poor Lucas

Barely twelve,

Was his age,

When lost loved ones,

Due to tuberculosis,

Starting from father,

To his weak mother,

Leaving the lad,

Alone & stranded,

Neighbors helped,

But Lucas shied away,

Hurt & broken,

He walked away,

From bad memories,

Found work as apprentice,

In a town,

Man did barbering,

And doctoring too,

He taught Lucas,

How to work,

And so became he,

Well known lad,

Blended in with folks,

And the nice man,

Finding some relief,

From haunting thoughts,

Being accepted,

As a son & worker,

So ends the fuss,

Of poor boy Lucas!


Ballads, Mindful

Kira The Talented

Born with a dead leg,

And natural weaving ability,

From the age of 5,

As an expertise,

Father was slain,

And mother slow poisoned,

Leaving poor Kira in a tension,

On mother’s last breath,

She was thrown with her,

Into a cemetery to suffer,

Her house was burned,

With nowhere to go,

A little boy is all,

That helped her,

Then she was taken,

By a so called guardian,

Who took care of orphans,

Along with others,

However one day,

The cries of a little girl awakened,

A question in her mind,

Is the guardian really true or not,

Then an old lady told about a fake legend,

That the guardian had said true,

Then she was slain the very next day,

Kira grew tense,

With each passing day,

Finally her father appeared one day,

With the help of the little boy,

Who had helped her always,

And father told daughter about the guardian even more,

That he was the one who attempted to murder,

Kira then had proof that she was right,

In suspecting weird kindness,

Also the acts which were weird,

And so she decided upon taking revenge,

Or actually getting back her rights,

So concludes the story of the talented weaver!


Ballads, Mindful

Sarah Crew

A very cheery little life,

Who grew  motherless,

Into a lass of six,

Father the owner of diamonds,

And loving being in her home,

Then a day he takes her,

To a hostel for education,

Although she is homesick,

She knows her Dad will be there,

For her at all times thru letters,

And in emergent calls immediately,

But sadly he died & the mistress,

Of school mistreated her with prejudice,

Because she was rich & suddenly poor,

For father had died of loss shock,

Of a fraud done behind his back,

Still the wench lived a stable life,

With all the mistreatment,

Until one day a man came,

Next to her hostel from her hometown,

She met him for exchange of pet,

And he asked her her history,

From the way of her manners,

And he exclaimed with surprise,

For he was her father’s loyal friend,

From there he told her,

the actual fraud situation,

That it was false,

That the diamonds were stolen,

He had the saved inheritance,

Of her future,

And so he became the legal guardian,

Of the poor little princess,

As for her mistress,

She was threatened to be sued,

For mistreatment of pupils,

So ends the ballad,

Of Sarah Crew!

Ballads, Mindful

Mary Lennox

A poor lass of India,

Whose mother partied,

And father in the army,

Both gone without a hint,

And the little wench left alone,

To a nurse and servants,

Who died short after or ran away,

Because of surging epidemic,

Leaving the girl spoiled and tantrumic,

Temporarily taken in,

By pope and family,

Then sent to uncle,

For permenant care,

But found reservation,

However provisions were given,

But true love was never shown,

Slowly the atmosphere changed,

Because of dames and maids,

Of good nature who helped,

In showing life to the wench,

Who never saw light,

Finally a day came,

When uncle noticed her,

And cousin too,

Thanks to the mother of twelve,

Who prompted the uncle,

To give heed to her and son,

And from her Mary’s love to live,

In life as a typical child!