The way u move around,


The things u whisk around,


The modes on n off,


The days of dew and drought,


Growing young n old,


Beginning many folds,


Becomin wacky wayed,


Movin on in pace,


Don’t let it nail u,


Keep it a stirring stew!

The Soul

Wat I was,

Wat I became,

I had my mind,

Now I’m insane,

I once knew,

Now I don’t,

I once wished,

Now its lost,

I used to ache,

Now its gone,

I loved,

Now I’ve drowned,

I always thought,

Now I dare,

I feel pangs,


I cried,

For care,

Now I die,

For the rare,

I had heart,

Now a stone,

A pendant,

Given as sown,

Crazy be,

The popularity,

To be sane,

Be game,

Kill out,

All doubts,

Go for it,

You earned it,

Get ur rite,

It’s a far sight,

Stay tuned,

To be mooned,

Never believe,

The grease,

It scratches,

Ur access,

Only stay,

Innocent wise,


To the demise,

Be safe,


Do not allow,

To be unfair,

You have a life,

Not only to strife,

But to enjoy,

As do joys,

Close ur eyes,

Be revised,

Stay bright,

To all insight,

Grab a doll,

Be installed,

Carry on,

The dong,


All in lies,

Hav fun,

In defies!



For Shame

Competiton has replaced love and unison,

Care and thoughts,

Have become evil plots,

Why has the world changed so,

Because the rule of the past has changed also,

The essential rule of peace,

Was omitted so long now,

The forces of evil have become the norm now,

Shame on the choice of the wrong,

Do you feel safe where you belong?

Nay return back all,

Or else suffer the fall!



It has Spread

Kept running he did,

Seeking a safe place,

Not knowing where,

He’ll find welfare,

At last was found,

The safest ground,

Stayed there he did,

But later fell back,

Disaster has spread,

Like a ripped sack,

So adjusted he,

In hidden glee,

Watching for wrong,

So he could dong,

As complaints grew,

He steadied anew,

Stood upon the podium,

For all’s freedom!

Daughter’s Words

Mom I know I can never match you,

But til I live,

I will not let you down,

Share with me your pains,

I will lessen them,

As I used to at home,

Never stay back if you need me,

Let me know rite away,

If ever you are left alone,

Come with me,

Or let me know,

So I can come to you,

If it is in my ability,

I will help you everyday,

Just know,

That you are not alone,

I will be there,

And will not let you break,

With love,

Your daughter!


Son to Father

Dad I know how much you did for me when I was little,

The hardships you went through,

The little things you did,

The support you gave,

The efforts you put,

The sacrifices you made,

The nights you spent in prayers,

The tiring trips you made when I was ill,

And much more,

I can’t mention all,

But just to let you know,

I’ll be there for you,

If ever you need me,

I’ll be there for you,

If ever you’re lonely,

I’ll come to you,

Never hesitate to tell me,

That you need me at your side,

I love you always,

And will not let you down!

-A Loving Son!

Gift of Patience

Two trinkets had she,

But lost them sadly,

Survival was hers,

Close and all over,

Only one diamond had she,

To care for so preciously,

Trials came along,

Yet she was strong,

Days passed so quickly,

Months gone so swiftly,

Then her diamond fell,

But thank God got well,

Reality came forth,

To show its worth,

Observation of years,

Brought on tears,

For true it was,

That the diamond was,

Her trinket all along,

Tamed by her so long!

Hard Hearted

A life was put on hand,

It was taken as a stand,

Golden days appeared,

Blue days disappeared,

Then trinkets were worn,

And many joys sworn,

Alas but enviness took shape,

Causing so many scrapes,

The life so wilted,

Never to be again tilted,

The realities were brutal,

The conditions unbearable,

So at last the life faded,

Leaving the hand shaded,

The hand had grown stiff,

It couldn’t even shift,

After the life left its grip,

Only then did it drip!

Bitter Sweet

A lass was once bound,

Was very weak wound,

A few months swooned,

Then ended in gloom,

She was very soft,

Not ready to loft,

But fate put her aloft,

Alas it was a sad flop,

Tragedy followed on,

Breaking her so wrong,

She was bonded once again,

Only to be left alone again,

Mentally unstable was she,

Life ruined up completely,

Attacks of breakdowns followed,

Ending in big sorrows,

But so long as the Creator heeds,

She will not un-weed,

Life is for her bitter sweet,

But some lives make her tweet,

So she lives on with a plea,

Oh God make not me so weak!