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Toddly Care

In the right mind,

U c the joys in front of u,

The little carefree souls,

Sweet little things,

No matter how depressed,

Those little lives touch u,

In times of pain,

Joy and hope,

Distance and fear,

How wonderful,

The Creations of The One and Only!

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Blue Somber

Never go grazing blue grounds,

It usually leaves u down,

Or pondering the negative,

When in actuality,

U need all the lovely things offered,

Cause life has a lotta disgust,

And rot that doesn’t need an addition,

By contemplating on blue levels,

Only sometimes it leaves u eerily contented!

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Green Touch

Heart soaring ever so high,

Not knowing why,

It is the atmosphere that counts,

It brings about change,

Along with the feelings of joy,

And peace of the internal soul,

Blocking out the trash and evil,

And focusing the bright and joyous,

Always know a lone calming wind,

For two or more,

In a specifically located green,

Is the best getaway!