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My life has gone,

To bad n worse,

What can I do,

As a loner of here,

One wrong move,

N life is ruined,

For all eternity,

What to do alone,

On your own with all,

The problems of life,

With a child’s heeds,

Help soon get away,

To be able to stay!


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According to statistics,

I m a moron,

I have no insight,

I have aim,

I have only insults,

To be freed,

My thoughts are junk,

My life is dunk,

I have no brain,

No feelings to twinge,

Love has no meaning,

Only does paranoia,

Leave me alone,

I m for prone!



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Give the Worst

If I were in court,

The idiossys would b open,

The guilty party,

Will have no mercy,

Open war waged,

With loving lies all,

Illegal strength used,

To the face of justice,

Therefore the reality come forth,

No need for immodest plea,

Live audience to c,

The mafia duo,

Come to destroy civility,

From the depths of gang life,

To the remains of liberty!