English poetry, Mindful

Life As U C

Once upon a poetic life,

I grew up in types,

No one understood the strikes,

Not all are fit to bite,

The compassion to give,

Was not to bid,

The happiness within,

To sprout in expression,

Never gave in,

To the new pins,

The imaginary pal,

Was all that was now,

Live and share with it,

It is a resting tin!

English poetry, Mindful

Give the Worst

If I were in court,

The idiossys would b open,

The guilty party,

Will have no mercy,

Open war waged,

With loving lies all,

Illegal strength used,

To the face of justice,

Therefore the reality come forth,

No need for immodest plea,

Live audience to c,

The mafia duo,

Come to destroy civility,

From the depths of gang life,

To the remains of liberty!