English poetry, Mindful


Take for granted what u get,

Never think twice about effects,

Swarm around the wee bugs,

And devour them all to slugs,

Due to this reason,

Wee bugs have been diminished,

Only dangerous stingers remain,

The wee ones all have hidden,

Or if caught been trodden,

Nothing can stop the massacre,

For even the law has deflated,

Only open war remains,

Those who resist r few,

But they have their stew,

Never underestimate will,

It destroys all evil!


English poetry, Mindful


Like sharing a room,

Hearing many booms,

Not knowing when doomed,

In a place forlorn,

Not having adorn,

Living in storm,

U find a piece of u,

That keeps u going thru,

Alas but that piece shattered,

Ages passed battered,

No where to go,

No sight to glow,

No care is given,

In a cage driven,

All is on u,

Nothing to stew,

The chain in ur hands,

Until u can find a hand!