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Stay ur distance,

Keep ur pace,

Move on happily,

Not in dismay,

I like mine,

U like urs,

Much more likely,

To be cycly,

Better than before,

Happier in all cores,

Let it b as is,

Not as was,

Not until u find,

That what u lost,

Stay a mile,

Always in denial!

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Once so ambitious,

Once so lorn,

Now unknown,

Now forlorn,

Greeted by dismays,

Always so gray,

But like a secret,

Not to be regret,

Grew so tall,

Grew so lone,

Blew up high,

Like one blown,

It was never,

A nice weather,

Now to be tethered,

Ended up like a cube,

From a standing tube,

Became broke,

But to stroke,

Had to fly on,

My way long,

See you all,

When it’s all in call!

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Killer Times

Once upon a day,

I used to be shway,

Living in good joy,

To those annoyed,

Then when tempos changed,

I became so deranged,

So many ups n downs,

Losing much ground,

A booming moment,

A blast of enjoyment,

Then so lost was I,

No thing to deny,

I floated away,

To all’s dismay,

No longer was I,

The one to shy,

Rather a wandering apparition,

Waiting for revision,

Deserving harsh situation,

For past decisions,

So overwhelmed,

So confused,

No more one being,

Rather a toy to be beamed!