Creepy Tower Taloon

One day Sana, Rana, Shaila n Sobia were headin to a deserty resort. They had been promised a very adventurous
n mysterious trip. Sobia, as usual, was very serious and afraid. “Why can’t u guys choose a simple place?” “Like flowers
and fields?” Sana rolled her eyes, “Yeah like that’s soo cool..” Rana and Shaila just stared out the they
didn’t hear. “Oooh look at the huge..even Baba can’t b as tall.” said Shaila. “Dumbo, how can u compare ur Dad
to a thing!” said Rana. “Hey, it was just a comment!” fired Shaila. “Why do u guys argue alot?” asked Sobia out of
innocence. “Hey Miss Delicate, it’s called jokin..get it?” said Shaila. “Don’t be so rude to the Princess..she’s very
innocent.” supported Rana. “Yeah..yeah..Hear..hear..” said Sana. And the journey went by in naps..snacks..and joke pokes.

By dawn the next day, they had arrived to Taloon, Kantaloon. The girls had darted out to see around..rather
than help unload. “Girls collect ur stuff first..haha..” said Sana’s dad. “Awww .. can’t we tour a bit first?” said
Shaila. “No..first we set in..then u all have all the time u want.” said Sana’s dad. “Ookk…” said Shaila. “Hey
look..there r piles of mud here..” said Sobia. ” I don’t remember seeing mud like this before!” she exclaimed. The other
three came by..Sana n Rana exchanged looks..then looked to Shaila..motioning with their eyes..and then a smile came…and
they burst out laughing. “Baby doll, that’s not mud…hahahaha..its…its…” gasped Shaila laughing. “ it
contagious..does it bite? asked Sobia alarmed. “Dude..that’s horse dung..hahahahahaha..” burst Sana holding her belly.
“Ohhhh…I didn’t kno..” blushed Sobia, moving back. “Man, this girl is gonna kill us someday.” said Rana tryin to
breathe. Sobia walked away..embarrassed and sad.

“Guys, we really upset her..” said Rana, “We should cheer her up.” “Duhh, why..she always does somethin
stupid..” said Shaila annoyed. “That’s enough Shaila..u go wayy far wen u com to insults.” said Sana, “Let’s go..see wat
she’d doing.” The trio went and saw Sobia sitting outside in the balcony. “Heyy..sup? said Rana, “Wanna go explore?”
“No.”said Sobia, “I’ll be crazy sumthing stupid.” Sana glared at Shaila, who looked away. “ one gonna
say nuthn..u jus com along..ok?” said Sana “Not gonna laugh either?” asked Sobia. “Nope.” said Sana and Rana. They looked
at Shaila..who was lookig like she didn’t hear. “Excuse us..but r u comin or not?” said Sana, “If u aren’t..then stay..if
u are..say wat we said.” “Huhh ok…I’m in..and yeah I won’t laugh or say anythin to Sobi.” said Shaila and hugged her.
And the foursomes headed their way..out into the desert area around the resort. Before going, they had taken some
pamphlets of attractions nearby. “Don’t u girls go off far..we hav plans remember.” said Rana’s Mom. “Yeah ok.” said the
foursome and went off.

While lookin at the pamphlets, Shaila saw an interesting structure..with a long tale. “Hey guys, check this
out!” she said, “They say there’s a tower nearby..known for it’s creepiness.” “Let’s check it out.” “Yeah!” said Sana,
“Aunti said not too let’s go!” They went in the direction told and soon saw a tall tower in the distance. Despite
it being daytime, the tower was dark n scary. It’s hinges were loose’s drapeslike a witch’s’s looks
like a dead skeleton. “Iiii’mmm sssscarrred.” shivered Sobia. Truly, all the girls were chilled, but sense of adventure
took in too. “Come on..let’s c the entrance.” said Shaila. “Nooo..not me..” wailed Sobia, “Let’s go back!” “Whoaaa there
buddy..slow down..we’re not goin in..jus lookin..” said Rana. “Oh yeah..I’m goin in..” declared Shaila. “Dude, not
recommended to go in..besides..we’re without torches.” said Sana. “Soo, we’ll sneakpeek..n com out.” Shaila urged. “I
don’t kno..” said Sana. “No..please don’t!” urged Sobia. “Ok..tell u wat..u stay here n we’ll sneak and com”
said Shaila. Sana and Rana were neutral. “I donnn’tt knoww..” said Sobia. “Oh come on..let’s go all!” said Shaila. Sana
and Rana patted Sobia and went after Shaila.

“Boy, oh boy,…I’m gonna love ittt!” thought Shaila. She entered the hollow dark if it were a
dark cave of mysteries. Sana n Rana came in after. There were a spiral set of stairs and a little walkway on the ground.
The trio headed that they had only wanted to take a peek. However, Shaila had other plans. There were rusty
armory..layers of dust..shreds of fabric..etc. The trio were blood curdled but movin on. After checkin out the ground,
Shaila headed for the stairs. “Let’s go!” she said. “Uh no..we were supposed to be in n out..remember?” said Sana. Who
cares..a littlemore doesn’t matter!” insisted Shaila. Rana was at the door looking at Sobia n Sana was deciding about wat
to do. Then Sana agreed. Shaila jumped double steps n went up. The others stayed down. “Aaaaaah!” came Shaila’s scream as
she came running down. “Easy..careful..wat happened?” both asked at once. “Get outta here!” Shaila yelled, “Living
Frankenstein is here!” “Whatt…” before Sana could finish..a huge lank screwed figure came bulking down, “LEEAAVEE..THE
SITE OF DOOOOOM!” “LEEEAAAVVVEEE…ORRR KARRABORRA!” The trio needed nuthn ore..with screams shattering the tower..they
charged out..straight into Sobia. “What..uuuu…” and she neede no answer..for what thundered out of the
tower…”Yyyyyyyoooowwww!” she squealed n ran for life. A loud roar thunder blasted. The girls didn’t turn to
look..just ran. After quite a distance..they turned a bit..n stared. The creepy tower of Taloon..had been diminished..with
the creature.

As they reached back to the resort..their parents were all in wait for their evening plans. Seeing the
girls Sana’s Mom said, “Arite wash up and be back in 10 min..we’re headed to Greenrock Canyon.” “Ok Mom.” said Sana. They
all were red..but how could their parents know it was from running and fear..not heat. As they washed up, the foursome
talked, “I told you it was a bad idea.” said Sobia. Shaila was stuck up and said, “No wayy, wayy cool!” “Hahaha..yeah
rite..nice try Shaila..” said Sana. She and Rana high fived. Sobia was content. And Shaila pouted. “That was an
adventure..but let’s not go into walking dead..pleasee!” said Rana. They all laughed and headed for the waiting parents. A
new adventure was yet to begin.


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