English poetry, Mindful

A Pair of Three

Laughing on in bloom,

Talking wild in swoons,

Drawing  dreams full,

Cleaning weeds of null,

Shining high in teams,

Reading words of seams,

Sharing good memories,

Holding grudges of calories,

In the world of sorrow,

Grabbing on for tomorrow,

United they stand for we,

Love a strife for family!


English poetry, Mindful

Lil One

A toy to share,

Handle with care,

Soothing to the touch,

When u’ve had much,

Brings cheer,

Where there is sneer,

Babbles on n on,

Like a bubbling song,

Takes up attention,

When ur in tension,

Brings out responses,

When u r in ounces,

Sweet kisses given,

Without any division,

A deserving lil soul,

Full of hours of toll!