English poetry, Mindful

New Rank

Being someone for a first time,

Is very challenging,

Causing nervousness,

Being optimistic,

Taking on alot of responsibility,

Far fetched planning,

The joy over weighs all,

But some frustrations tend  to stall,

There is a first for everything,

I hope it’ll go through with success,

As there are not much dreamings!

English poetry, Mindful


Changes in a body,

Can be very devastating,

It is also a joyful thing,

But when there are tensions,

And many things to go about ur way,

But don’t always do,

Makes it a bad experience,

Health rate should b normal of course,

So should all the statistics,

However parts come where things,

Stay out of control due to effects,

Let’s live through it,

Whether it is satisfactory or not!