English poetry, Mindful

Winding Path

Every new thing,

Causes it’s swing,

Yet when it passes,

It is a series of classes,

Or a relaxing mode,

For those who have strode,

However always there is,

A price to give,

Without which many happenings,

Are not so satisfying,

One falters surely,

But shud never be slowed,

For it brings halts,

To all the favorable mounts!

English poetry, Mindful

Phase of Tomorrow

Many days come to pass,

As if in a draft,

Some r of experience,

Whilst others r of fate,

Not knowin the ponderin mind’s feelings,

Only suspense for wat to com,

Yet it may seem devastating,

But really is soothing,

Life’s a name of effort,

Which wen complete,

Gives forth reward,

To those who afford!