English poetry, Mindful

As Sown..So Twas Grown

Chapters start from afar,

But never known to all,

Insiders may know it,

Whilst outside is only what is,

Started with the eldest,

Who was far most the loudest,

Along came the middle one,

Being completely immoral,

Finally the youngest,

The sweet piece of the puzzle,

Who proved to be extremest,

Serving rightfully to the dwellers

Yet those who don’t heed,

Can always greed!

English poetry, Mindful

Cooling Showers

The scene had climaxed,

The world was trembling,

The ashes were falling,

Chaos had struck hard,

No more pick a card,

It was total bad fortune,

All the way from Neptune,

As soon as it fleed,

There were new seeds,

The cool showers,

Of blessing devours,

Bringing on a wintery haze,

But a charming glaze,

For temperatures within n without,

All needed a good sprout!