English poetry, Mindful


Knowing now I see,

That my own was free,

The dawns of here,

Not at all clear,

No rules or limits be,

Only ruthless jubilee,

Mine heart grows sore,

As each role galores,

I hope things seize,

Before I get to sleeze,

Only one change can,

Do all that’s grand,

Brain is flame and sizzle,

Need quickly some drizzle,

Remove the curtain hence,

Get a good riddance!

English poetry, Mindful

The Eye Can See

Feels like Windy Willows,

Sittin in the open,

For a night bbq dinner,

As the sea throws haze,

The mists have a raise,

Just imagine a blissful hill,

As sundown approaches,

Peaceful silence,

Layin in a spree,

Blowin bubbles,

Glarin fireworks,

Wind is a calming thing,

It feels like wings,

A home in the clouds,

To keeps spirits aroused,

And visit the ground,

Only to keep sound,

Amazing mind works,

Amongst open brooks!

English poetry, Mindful

Circle of Fire

Each house has one,

Or I shud say most,

I came n found one,

In this hot pot,

One is so obvious,

That dirt stays within,

The other is so shiny,

That u can’t c the dirt within,

The third is so charmingly sweet,

That if u give no heed,

No dirt will b seen,

The fourth is so old n frail,

That the dirt is hard to c,

Not only c but stamp,

Yet at times it is seen,

Bcoz of the weakness of strength,

The being is penetrable,

These complete the circle,

N indeed evil it is,

A break is needed for it,

To diminish at its best!

English poetry, Mindful

Burnin Inside

I’ve had enough,

This stinkin rage,

I’m thinkin of,

The steps to display,

It opens up,

WIth a silencing ray,

A sharp point,

That can give way,

To blaze it out,

Once and for all,

To shut the traps,

Calling out so loud,

Until a sidetrack is formed,

Giving out its light,

This anger must be bound,

Whichever way it be,

For no more,

Is there chance,

To keep things free,

What is needed,

Is in front of u,

Do it now or else,

Suffer endless wrath!