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Flame of Eyes

Vision has fading remains,

Broken pieces of diamonds,

Crushed sprinkles of pearls,

Emeralds of memory,

Old rubies of joy,

An overused topaz,

Still smiling weakly,

A withered opal,

Shuttin off with water,

Clarity going,

But the eyes r holding on,

Can’t get these out of sight,

They r either to stay,

Or these eyes will go with them!

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Misery is mine to be,

No one can stop it,

I was never a tree,

Now it is a trick,

For one so lame,

All is much to take in,

Remaining calm is a key,

Strength to the heart,

Patience n relaxation,

Focused will n sight,

Height of rock arisen,

Hard vision n gesture,

There u have it!