Natural Diet

Ever wondered,

How fresh n cool,

A person in nature wud be,

So cheered,

So glowing,

So peaceful,

Eat the wind,

Drink the rain,

Sleep on clouds of flowers,

Smell of sweet essence,

No pain in the brain,

No droops of hope,

All in floating mist,

Amidst such bliss!

Soaring Heights

Fantasy it may be,

Reality it can be,

Wishes so dear,

Times so near,

Heart’s one long desire,

Soul’s tasty food,

Like a standing peak,

With the wind blowing so strong,

No pain to be felt,

Save floating along!

Ache’s Call

One beat missed,

The pain of the mist,

Two goes by,

When the day nears by,

Three gave a shock,

Jus enough to mock,

Four gives calmness,

To prepare for brightness,

As time passes on,

I feel a gong,

Hopes high for victory,

Wishes ever so lengthy!

I Say

Curse be upon the evil one,

Fire be the destiny,

Turmoil cometh to the destroyer,

Chaos kill the envier,

DIsruption attack the jealous,

No peace for the devil,

Suffering be endless,

For those evil minds at work!