Islamic short stories, Mindful

Pangs of Life

Once upon a day, a family was joyously waitin for their young one. After all these years they were unitin…but the young one had been divided in half..becoz half of her was where she came from..n the other half from where she grew. As she was gliding into the lovely atmosphere…full of flowers..essence..n cool light…her face turned a sorrowful pale…where she is lookin back at where she came from…the joy of unitin with her roots is much..but the division factor is a as she exits..there is a strong pang..which is covered by joy, love, and sweetness. But the place where she came from is gloomy n dull..droopy n gray..there is no way her life here…can be better then where she grew. U can compare both places as a heart which is gray n pink…to a heart which is pink n red. The first has less life…the second has more life! In other words, where she had gone…was not a life giver..rather a life destroyer..n where she had been..was a life supporter. This is the condition of most after changes …only one thing can change all…n that is Allah! However, in some places the negativity is so much..that conditions r very that case..u need a better solution..of course Allah is there..but he gives solutions to us through signs..if u don’t heed…it is destruction for u! May Allah give us all a better understanding..n keep us close to Him! AAmeen!

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