From the Tops

In the darkness of night,

When the sun is out of sight,

The breeze over water cool,

Giving a nice pool,

Standing on a high tower,

Looking down at the power,

Of the spurts of water,

Blowing out its flower,

A float down to glee,

In the fast spree,

Lovely is that feeling,

Of the air fleeing!

Desert Lone

Just as the desert lones,

And then becomes a zone,

Then sits in depression sighing,

And a loner comes,

To sit in a sum,

It is relaxing,

As well as flashing,

The soothing wind,

That gives a nice spin!


When things become bad,

A person is so sad,

But when it becomes worse,

It becomes a life course.

Many survive,

With a strong strive,

While other fall,

To a death crawl,

Those who live on,

Keep up to this song,

Live it well,

Til its farewell!


Worn Body

Since walking,

The body is stalking,

It keeps on for miles,

Even with smiles,

But at times,

It does become a squeezed lime,

And needs its juice,

To reliven its fuse,

Sometimes it comes on,

With bruised wear ons!

Dungeon Soul

Down deep inside,

Where the tunnels reside,

There is some pain,

That is  not so sane,

Resolve was not near,

And still is in fear,

It is in vain search,

Of one to open up its perch,

Maybe it never will be,

So just leave it free!