The happiness in helping,

Is not to be found in slumpimg,

The smiles on faces,

Are more better than laces,

The time spent on problems,

Is never done in boredom,

Rather heartiness in action,

Brings conclusion!



Life is bright,

It is up to the sight,

The views of the person,

The steps in unison,

Peace in times of panic,

Risks in times of frantic,

The path of evil,

Or the path of civil,

Depends solely on,

The one making the bond,

Aim for the right,

And you will have delight!




Satisfaction comes with grace,

Anger loses the race,

Kindness brings about ease,

Eventually causing relief,

Never take to the extreme emotion,

For it brings out commotion!

Stale Times

The realities are enough to frustrate,

The rights are hard to negotiate,

Current times never fail,

To give in the taste of stale,

But we know our purpose,

So never fall back to the surface!