Something to calm you,

Something to cheer you,

Something to excite you,

Many ways are there to make you smile,

Or to cherish in your memories,

But one thing that I go with,

Is the serene sayings of Allah in my ears,

Or praises of our Prophet(SAW)!


Common for All

There’s always a trial for the human,

Whether a Muslim or not,

Every human faces it,

But a Muslim manages it,

Whilst any other may turn to their beliefs,

Or use other means of peace,

However the Muslim is at peace,

Once he knows that Allah loves me,

So He tests me,

And life is challenging,

In order to prepare you,

For the permanent residence in the Hereafter!


All in all goes well,

When there is a shell,

Protecting you with God’s will,

Keeping you firm still,

But when efforts have a halt,

Then less will it result,

Because the prayers are of bloom,

So it has to have fuel to boom!