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Never expect from anyone,

If you expect,

It hurts you more,

If you give,

But don’t have any expectations,

No matter how good,

Then your heart is much relieved,

Rather than expecting even a little,

And not getting even that,

Causing you pain and distress!

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Secrets of Life

The pains,

With no gains,

The shocks,

With someone to mock,

The strifes,

For the peace of lives,

The wounds

Not in mounds,

The cries,

Of the many lies,

The regrets,

That became a threat,

The call,

Of the one in all,

Living in depression,

Yet in succession,

For there is a deity,

That’s always a security,

In all sorrows,

That come on the morrows,

Such is the secret,

Of the luckiest!

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Khuloos ki Mafi

Ghaltian hoti hein subon se,

Laikin unko tari nahi honei deina,

Aik to seedha seedha mafi mang leina,

Aur agar na ho sakei,

To Allah se dua kar ke mafi chahein,

Wohi doosron ke dil narum kartei hein,

Chahei barri ghalti ho ya choti,

Aik ratsa humeisha khula hai,

Woh ruswa kubhi nahi honei deiga,

Agar aap huq pe hongei,

Apni taruf se koshish kar chuke hongei,

To woh din door nahi hoga,

Aap ke sabr ki fath ka!