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Sweet Breeze

I don’t know about all,

But most can be certain,

There is a vision,

That all are calmed out,

By solemn routes,

Such as scenery,

Or a field’s greenery,

Blooming days,

Sunny rays,


There is a rise,

To the many lives,

That breathe,

A sweet breeze!

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Smile’s Worth

Many wink,

At the smile’s instinct,

Others ignore, 

The one so galored,

But those who carry on,

No matter how long,

With sincerity & hope,

Then those elope,

In a sweet float,

That guides your boat!

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Key of Life

A man chose pride,

To become a prize,

But ended in regret,

Starting to fret,

Another chose wealth,

Thinking it health,

Ending in sorrow,

Not something borrowed,

Alas one chose religion,

Being the one and only decision,

Riding over all provisions,

Choosing the one God only,

As his success increased,

To the illusion lovers,

This was no gain,

But to those who are sane,

It was a surprise,

A joy of pride,

Showing in all,

The true key to life’s wall!



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Din barra karra tha woh,
Din barra qarb ka tha woh,
Dhoop ki shiddat se surkh tha woh,
Piyaas ki tarrup se nidhaal tha woh,
Eent theen ke khatum nahi ho rahi theen,
Kaam tha ke barrta chala ja raha tha,
Laikin barr ke aik piyaas thi,
Ke ghar walon ki deikh bal sahi ho,
Datta raha bei parwa ho kar,
Iss khushi se ke taskeen milei unko!