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Psychotronic and Projected Sound Attacks

Most people being subjected to Directed Energy/Electromagnetic Attacks, and Psychotronics, never know that they are being affected.
Most often, they believe their health is failing, they are suffering from a mental health disorder, or they become depressed. Sleep is interrupted, and they experience physical symptoms that doctors normally dismiss as “nothing”, inexplicable, not bad enough to worry about, worthy of expensive testing or of the nature that you might require anti-psychotics and observation.
The use of Psychotronics has definite patterns, although the level and intensity of abuse varies greatly. If quantified, it would be easy to say that certain people are being harassed to induce suicide or to be sure their credibility is destroyed, so that testing may continue without fear that authorities will intervene.
It’s important to remember that these tools are used for covert psychological operations. Even if they are used for  so-called “experimental purposes” for reasons of national security – to train Psyops agents – the people writing the “scripts” for these operations are very creative in finding ways to destroy people’s lives, and influence them, disguising that influence as the result of something else.
This is yet another example of  a dialectic. For example, I could use one of these weapons to give you a headache to disrupt your ability to concentrate. You would simply think it was a headache. An electronic attack would have been performed while you were distracted into thinking it was something that was a fairly normal event. Like, lying about the circumstances leading to the Iraq War. All of the evidence was reasonable and rational, if the source was being honest. Except it wasn’t. (AKA the Diabolical people).
You might have one or a number of these symptoms, and it may mean something, or it may mean nothing. That’s the problem. You’ll need to decide if the things you’re feeling actually seem “normal” or if it seems unusual.
There are many symptoms that go with these that will tell an experienced person whether you’re dealing with an attack, or if something else should be considered. The problem is, finding an experienced person.
These symptoms do not occur in a particular order.
Symptoms of Electronic / Directed Energy Attacks
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sudden changes or blurriness of vision, or eye irritation
  • A feeling like static or a tingling feeling on your head
  • The feeling of static around your body
  • Sudden episodes of faintness or fainting
  • Waviness in finger and toe nails
  • Unexplained loss of hair
  • Nasal Stuffiness
  • Unexplained muscle and joint pain, often diagnosed as fibromyalgia
  • Unexplained feelings of annoyance, restlessness, impatience distraction
  • Inexplicable memory and word loss
  • Headaches, and migraine headaches
Symptoms of Psychotronic and Projected Sound Attacks
  • Hearing strange noises, particularly those no one else hears
  • Unusual Heart Rhythms, but your heart is fine
  • False heart attacks – left hand and arm seem to radiate pain. EKG’s show no problems
  • Depression, inexplicable patterns of anxiety, symptoms of ADD or bi-polar disorder
  • Disruption in sleep patterns, sleep deprivation, need to take “aids” to sleep
  • Hearing voices. Those subjected to these psychological operations know how to recognize when someone is suffering from a mental disorder, or if they are being subjected to a standard script or protocol to debilitate them. It’s very easy to recognize. It can rarely be fully stopped, but can often be “disrupted” electronically by jamming the signal.
  • Media Mirroring. An experience whereby Psyops agents know what a TV show is going to be talking about or what its theme will be and cause the targeted individual to think of that topic. A pattern emerges over and over again whereby victims start to wonder if someone is listening to them, because people on TV seem to always be talking about what they were thinking or talking about before. An interesting illusion. The target is instructed to “think” about these things through subliminal and/or voice to skull communications.
  • Voice to Skull Communications. This is a military communications that is at the heart of their ability to wirelessly conduct 2 way conversations with an individual. In the past, implants were necessary to facilitate this function. These days, technology indicates that implants are no longer necessary, once your location has been determined through RFID, GPS and cell phone tracking. This is also considered part of Synthetic Telepathy.
There are a great number of other things that occur when these things happen. Again, an experienced individual will know if what you are experiencing is a likely attack.
If you are under surveillance, you are being stalked. It’s simply given a different name.
And, since you have no idea who is doing it to you, or why, it comes under the category of what used to be discussed – the perfect crime – doing something to someone you don’t know in a random act, or an act that couldn’t possibly be traced by association or circumstantial evidence. Since most of these Psyops agents act under the veil of the authority of the law (in these unconstitutional, criminal acts), they truly operate as if they are above the law, because they are, thanks to FISA and other laws the Democratic and Republican officials have legislated while we were watching two years of redundant presidential campaigning so we wouldn’t notice.
People being stalked or surveiled – by the government or other people – begin to notice patterns. People following them, cars, faces, odd incidents. Mail and email are tampered with, phone services seem to be inconsistent, and you never get important calls from people who said they tried to call.
Even worse, these agents do things to prevent targeted individuals from receiving proper medical care, even though they pay for it, proper dental car, even though they pay for it, and are even denied proper medical care for their pets.
Targeted individuals – victims – are often accosted in public in ways that can’t be reported. People bumping into them for no reason, and obviously did it on purpose. Trying to work and being hit with electronic attacks. You can not possibly imagine, what people are put through by professional Psyops agents contracted by the Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies to destroy people’s lives.
This, again, is one of those things I wish there was any doubt about. There simply is not. It’s sick.
The Democrats and Republicans and the members of the Council on Foreign Relations all approve of the full development of these weapons, and their deployment. I can assure you, the deployment of these weapons is rapidly increasing, based on the number of reports from victims around the world.
I have over 500 affidavits on my computer from victims in the United States, and am in contact with thousands more.
Please be sure to read the “Executive Summary of the Church Committee”   and “What You Can Do” on the Psychotronics menu.

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