Kia Kahoon?

Azmaish idar,

Azmaish udar,

Masla iska,

Masla uska,

Samujh nahi ati hai mujhe,

Ke iss cheez ko kia kahoon,

Aik imtihaan ka naam doon,

Ya pihr kisi musibut ka naam doon,

Shaed dono hi hon,

Ya pihr pehla wala khial ho,

Dimagh ulujh jata hai kubhi,

To hosh urr jata hai sahi?


Drowning Brain

Times have changed so swift,

That you start to drift,

Sympathy is given,

But not driven,

Happiness is brought,

Without thought,

Pains are shared,

Yet without care,

Close ones are there,

But only to stare,

Blank eyes are there,

Yet not as to aware,

The heart cries out,

To the only route,

Only there it sighs,

And becomes a fly!


The brightening bulb is on the face,
The whitening touch to make grace,
The breezy wind from the trees,
To breathe in energy,
The essence so sweet to smell,
Do make a combo well!