Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Poetry


Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub phoolon nei phool diye,

Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub suraj nei kiranein deen,

Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub akela musafir ghair liya gaya,

Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub sarei phool sarr gae,

Woh din bhoola nahin,

Jub azadi mili,

Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub jugnoo urrnei lagei,

Woh din bhoola nahi,

Jub aik qeemti cheez gum ho gaee,

Din eise bhoolti bhi nahi,

Kiun ke ehum yaadein hein!



Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Works

Kirchi Kirchi

Iss dunya mein,

Jeena asaan nahi,

Imtihanaat atei rehtei hein,

Mushkilaat se do chaar hotei hein,

Khushion se lutf andoz hotei hein,

Darakhton ke phulon se mubhoot hotei hein,

Laikin jub nashukri ki surat azmaish ati hai,

To zaat kirchi kirchi kar jati hai,

Shru shru mein to kafi bardasht hoti hai,

Laikin aakhir insaan hai bhayy,

Kahin to  toot jae ga sahi?

Kyun kia nahi?

Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Works


Sehra mein ghoom raha tha,

Be hud be dili se,

Mitti dhuwen ke soorut urr rahi thi,

Paharr bhi phoonk rahe the,

Oont bhi sust chal rahe the,

Raasta unjaan tha,

Haal bhi bura tha,

Tub achanuk aik chamuk dikhaee di,

Mein tehr kar jhuk gaya,

Haath maar kar pakrra to,

Aik heera jug maga raha tha,

Sare ghum urr gae,

Muskrahaten aan ghaireen,

Aakhir aik nanni cheez ne,

Sub museebaten rafu chakkar kar di!

Ballads, Mindful

Daughter’s Words

Mom I know I can never match you,

But til I live,

I will not let you down,

Share with me your pains,

I will lessen them,

As I used to at home,

Never stay back if you need me,

Let me know rite away,

If ever you are left alone,

Come with me,

Or let me know,

So I can come to you,

If it is in my ability,

I will help you everyday,

Just know,

That you are not alone,

I will be there,

And will not let you break,

With love,

Your daughter!


Ballads, Mindful

Son to Father

Dad I know how much you did for me when I was little,

The hardships you went through,

The little things you did,

The support you gave,

The efforts you put,

The sacrifices you made,

The nights you spent in prayers,

The tiring trips you made when I was ill,

And much more,

I can’t mention all,

But just to let you know,

I’ll be there for you,

If ever you need me,

I’ll be there for you,

If ever you’re lonely,

I’ll come to you,

Never hesitate to tell me,

That you need me at your side,

I love you always,

And will not let you down!

-A Loving Son!

Ballads, Mindful

Gift of Patience

Two trinkets had she,

But lost them sadly,

Survival was hers,

Close and all over,

Only one diamond had she,

To care for so preciously,

Trials came along,

Yet she was strong,

Days passed so quickly,

Months gone so swiftly,

Then her diamond fell,

But thank God got well,

Reality came forth,

To show its worth,

Observation of years,

Brought on tears,

For true it was,

That the diamond was,

Her trinket all along,

Tamed by her so long!