English poetry, Mindful

The Big Drop

A person once walked,

Climbing on a stalk,

He was successful well,

More even then a dumbbell,

Awards were given all around,

So much that he was sound,

Life was running on smooth,

So peaceful as a still tooth,

But then some awards stood,

And started wearing hoods,

The person had to run,

Only to get stable hun,

For this he had to do a dive,

That was from yards high,

Adjustment was hard yes,

Yet he had trust in God nevertheless,

Thus life was in a new turn,

Alas a new journey had begun!

English poetry, Mindful


An arrow was shot,

But a dodge followed,

A punch was put,

Yet stopped by a nook,

A plan was made,

But all in vain,

A bond crumbled,

Only to be reassembled,

A heart was ripped,

Then re-zipped,

A rock fell,

To reach a well,

A snake slithered,

Soon though withered,

A ghost came to kill,

But was killed,

All are due to will,

You & God’s will!



Ballads, Mindful

Hard Hearted

A life was put on hand,

It was taken as a stand,

Golden days appeared,

Blue days disappeared,

Then trinkets were worn,

And many joys sworn,

Alas but enviness took shape,

Causing so many scrapes,

The life so wilted,

Never to be again tilted,

The realities were brutal,

The conditions unbearable,

So at last the life faded,

Leaving the hand shaded,

The hand had grown stiff,

It couldn’t even shift,

After the life left its grip,

Only then did it drip!

Ballads, Mindful

Bitter Sweet

A lass was once bound,

Was very weak wound,

A few months swooned,

Then ended in gloom,

She was very soft,

Not ready to loft,

But fate put her aloft,

Alas it was a sad flop,

Tragedy followed on,

Breaking her so wrong,

She was bonded once again,

Only to be left alone again,

Mentally unstable was she,

Life ruined up completely,

Attacks of breakdowns followed,

Ending in big sorrows,

But so long as the Creator heeds,

She will not un-weed,

Life is for her bitter sweet,

But some lives make her tweet,

So she lives on with a plea,

Oh God make not me so weak!

Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Works

Mere Rabb, Mere Allah!

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Kiranein jo dikhaeen,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Nimatein jo ata keen,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Duaen jo qubool keen,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Roshni jo nikhar di,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Khushbooein jo phelaeen,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Quwwat jo bhar di,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Farmaanbadaari jo sikhaee,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

In sub kei liye,

Appkei saamnei jhuka hoon,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah,

Kabhi gumrah na karna,

Merei Rabb,

Merei Allah!