The Big Drop

A person once walked,

Climbing on a stalk,

He was successful well,

More even then a dumbbell,

Awards were given all around,

So much that he was sound,

Life was running on smooth,

So peaceful as a still tooth,

But then some awards stood,

And started wearing hoods,

The person had to run,

Only to get stable hun,

For this he had to do a dive,

That was from yards high,

Adjustment was hard yes,

Yet he had trust in God nevertheless,

Thus life was in a new turn,

Alas a new journey had begun!

Hard Hearted

A life was put on hand,

It was taken as a stand,

Golden days appeared,

Blue days disappeared,

Then trinkets were worn,

And many joys sworn,

Alas but enviness took shape,

Causing so many scrapes,

The life so wilted,

Never to be again tilted,

The realities were brutal,

The conditions unbearable,

So at last the life faded,

Leaving the hand shaded,

The hand had grown stiff,

It couldn’t even shift,

After the life left its grip,

Only then did it drip!