English poetry, Mindful

Day of Life

The swings are flying,

The birds are scattering,

The sun is waving,

The wind is breezing,

The trees are bending,

The flowers are touching,

The clouds are running,

The park is silencing,

The footsteps are fading,

The swiftness is raging,

The souls are talking,

The moods are charming,

The day is blazing,

With two so dashing!



English poetry, Mindful


Straight forward talk,

Is expected alot,

Many don’t want,

A reality upfront,

Others say so,

But in a nice poncho,

Yet blunt ways,

Are very hurtful always,

It isn’t very appropriate,

Unless there is an opposite,

Rude people never realize,

How much this is criticized,

Ego kills all soft nerves,

And replaces with dark swerves!


Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Works

Mere Piyare

Harkatein barri piyari si,

Baatein khoob dhair si,

Pasand barri achi si,

Lagao barra chahut wala,

Kaam barra mehnut ka,

Farmaish nichorr deine wali,

Masoomiut kha janei wali,

Chehre chamukte huwei,

Rung shaffaf aur khila huwa,

Maazi aur haal ki yaadein hein,

Khoob muskrahatein lati hein!

English poetry, Mindful

True to the Core

Patience is the key point,

Care is the strong joint,

Love is the quiet wait,

Courage is the protection bait,

Grace is the beautiful move,

Respect is the work proved,

Tears are the breaking sticks,

Smiles are the mending bricks,

Touch is the soothing hand,

Delicacy is the waiting stand,

Acknowledgement is so sweet,

See how much understanding meets!


Bharra Dimagh, Urdu Works


Roshan din aa rahei hein,

Piyarei logh aa rahei hein,

Khoob dhoom dhaam hai,

Sub muskra rahei hein,

Phool chehek rahei hein,

Badal jhoom rahei hein,

Sooruj chamuk raha hai,

Ghar chul bula hai,

Dil dharruk rahei hein,

Intezar mein hein,

Aik saya aae ga,

Sub ko dum ba khud karei ga,

Duaen phooki jaen gi,

Hifazat ki jae gi,

Khoosh aansoo aaen gei,

Pihr sub sukoon paen gei!

English poetry, Mindful

Day of Light

Cermony 1,

In which I won,

Ceremony 2,

The one I flew,

Ceremony 3,’

All in glee,

Ceremony 4,

The one so adored,

Ceremony 5,

Te day not defined,

Ceremony 6,

The one with sticks,

Ceremony 7,

So sweet as heaven,

Ceremony 8,

The conquered debate,

Ceremony 9,

The favorite of mine,

And ceremony 10,

All came to an end,

So lovely and prominent!