Noises on the Mountain

One day, Sana, Rana, Shaila, and Sobia were going on vacation to San Fe, New Marcos.  San Fe was known to be the most attractive place for mountain lovers.  It was a desert and very hot.  The girls loved mountains a lot.  So this time, their parents took them to a different state with a different climate.  On the way, they saw cacti, thorn bushes, lizards, snakes and etc.  Then Sana commented, “How hot is it here?…..Wooh!”  “Exactly……real hot..” said Sobia, fanning herself.  “Wait til we get to the mountain top,” said Rana’s Dad, “You girls will cool off then!” “Yeah…can’t wait,” exclaimed Rana, “It’s burning down here!” “Talk about heat,” continued Shaila, “This is boiling water….Phew!”

Upon arriving at their destination, they really did cool off.  It was 30 degrees less on the mountain than on the ground.  First and foremost, the girls got some refreshments then headed off to explore.  “Don’t go too far!” warned Sana’s Mom, “We don’t want any risks.” “We won’t Insha Allah!” Sana replied, as they headed more towards the top.

As they neared the top area, they heard some weird sounds, like ritualistic chanting! “Shhhhh…did you guys hear that?” asked Sobia shivering. “Yup…I did!” declared Shaila in a whisper, “That is one creepy sound…” “So…..what do we do?” said Rana, “Take a peek…or go back?”  Sana shrugged, “Duh…let’s check it out!” she laughed.  “Bbbbut…..” started Sobia, “Uh uh…we’re going…right girls?” said Sana, cutting her off.  “Ooooo….kkkkk…” said the others, uncertainly.

They carefully walked thru the wooden trees and hid behind them to see the scene ahead.  There, in front of them, were the Red Indian tribe of the 21st century, beating drums and sacrificing a deer.  The obvious leader, was cutting the deer’s chest and taking it’s heart out! “Gross! ..Uhhhh..” moaned the girls in whispers, but Sobia stepped on a stick, “Craaaack!” “Sobia!…” uttered Shaila hoarsely, but the leader had seen them! “Run….!” shouted Sana.  The leader and his tribe came after them with spears and blowpipes.  The girls just kept reciting Ayat ul Kursi and running on.

It was not known by the government that there were still tribes living in the mountains.  Otherwise, they would’ve put a notice saying, “No trespassing beyond this point!” But there were some tribes left over and they hated for any tourists or people to come in their area.  The girl’s had gone here because there was no such sign or notice.  But they shouldn’t have gone in to see.  But, they were adventurous, so their curiosity got the best of them! The tribe left them at a certain point, beyond which they wouldn’t come because their Ghost father had forbidden them to.

The girls made it back safely, but their parents knew something was wrong.  Their expressions made it obvious and they always got into something. “Alright….spill out the beans..” breathed Shaila’s Dad, “We told you girls not to go far…yet you did.”  “But we didn’t…” started Rana, breathless, “We went only a few yards away….and heard noises..” “Yeah Uncle…” said Soiba, “We saw the Red Indians!”  “For real…it’s not fake…” continued Shaila. “They were chasing us….” said Sana, with a guilty look.  Sana’s Dad folded his arms and said, “I want to hear everything from the start…you hear!” he said firmly.  So Sana told him all the stuff after which he warned them of a penalty if they do that again. “You girls won’t be going into dangerous stuff at all, alright?” he said, “If that happens again….no more trips for you..clear?” “Yes Abbu.” said Sana. “Yes Taya..” said the others.

Sana’s father was the eldest brother in his family, so whatever he said went for all.  His brothers had a say too, but naturally they would go with the eldest brother. He usually made rules that were effective.  Sana, Rana, Shaila and Sobia enjoyed the rest of the trip with care and fun.  The management of this area was told about the tribe living there and they immediately put up a sign to prevent future problems. Besides that, extra safety fences and wires were put around for cheeky visitors, who would still dare.

After they returned home, the girls pondered about the adventure they had, scary, but funny too. “Wasn’t that hilarious the way the leader was running?” laughed Sana, “It was like he was jumping and skipping….more than running..haha.” commented Shaila, “Yeah…hahahaha..” smiled Rana. “I think it wa risky and unwise to go there in the first place….” pouted Sobia. “Awww…don’t be a cry baby…it was fun…admit it!” And they tickled her til she admitted and played around some, before going to bed.  After all, they had had a long trip…and needed relaxing!

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