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Our Guava Tree

This year our Guava tree is loaded with large, yellow and juicy guavas. Their sweet smell can take your breath away. From far away you’d see them fall by a cool breeze and feel happy. Upon coming close you’d think, wow , they smell awesome. But when you pick them up, they are filled with worms….

Not even one is worth eating.
We, the Muslims today are just like the fruit in our guava tree. We feel happy to see our numbers, we look so good from the outside, sisters covering, brothers having beards. People even enjoy our company. But Alaasss….who can see into our hearts? Our hearts are filled with filth. Even worse then those worms. We sit together and start discussing others flaws. When we’re alone we remember how others have hurt us. We keep those grudges glued deep down in out hearts. We look down upon others, each of us thinking the other is not capable enough. Envy, greed and selfishness make our hearts infested. 
Rarely are we able to be chosen in Allah’s path.
Some real big treatment is needed, for our hearts and our guava tree.


I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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