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Bottled water

Would you eat a $5000 meal at a restaurant? Probably not. Yet many people routinely spend 1000 times more for a bottle of water than the equivalent amount of water costs when it comes from the tap. Americans drank 30 billion bottles of water in 2005, the majority of which were NOT recycled. According to the Pacific Institute, the production of 30 billion plastic bottles requires the equivalent of 17 million barrels of oil (enough to fuel more than one million vehicles for a year!), produces more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, and uses three times the amount of water than ends up in the bottle. And these numbers don’t include the environmental cost of transporting the bottles from the factory to your local store. Interestingly, 25% of American bottled water (and 100% of Aquafina and Dasani) is just processed tap water that did NOT come from that fresh bubbly mountain spring you envisioned. Most municipal water supplies undergo stringent quality-control procedures, but if you are concerned about the health quality of your home water source, consider buying a PUR or Brita water filter. If you are leaving the house for the day, fill up a Klean Kanteen that you can re-use for years. The majority of western countries have free access to clean tap water. Take advantage of it. By Dr. Kerry Kriger

Plastic bottles also contain BPA, a carcinogen. It is cheaper & healthier to use filtered tap water.

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