Islamic short stories, Mindful

Look Out!

Shaukat was a mannered and bright boy.  Counting from his studies to his friends’ etiquette, he was a very liked and role taken person. Being the second oldest in his family, he was pretty responsible.  A time came when his Dad was unable to drive or move, so he was the driver, making trips to and fro, as well as help his Dad mobilize.  Having 5 younger siblings, he was a very patient and respecting person.  Older than him, was a sister, who didn’t drive.  She had other activities and chores to see to with Mom, so Shaukat was Dad’s partner.  The only problematic thing about Shaukat was, he was a speedy driver.  No matter what happened he wouldn’t slow down.  His parents tried to warn him about accidents and dangers time and time again, but he would say “Ji…ji..ok.” but not implement it.

Then one day it happened that Shaukat and his friends planned a race on the main road! Shaukat and two of his friends were going to do it, keeping in mind that none of the parents knew.  The race started after Dhuhr prayer.  The boys were dodging cars and speeding on signals.  After like five signals, on the fifth one, a car swerved right in front of Shaukat, missing him by an half an inch! If Shaukat had not braked right then, it would’ve been “Kaboom!”

Why had Shaukat been saved by a close call? Because he had supplicated and read the adhkar of protection, which he never forgot!  After this event, Shaukat gave up these activities and speeding for good.  His friends were a source of temptation to him, but he held them off by saying, “Look dudes, I have a family to look after and siblings to teach!” “If I do these careless acts, what’ll they learn from me?” “I can’t let that happen!” And so he continued his life with his family, to his family’s relief, and excelled to a level of higher respect!


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