A Close Disability

Once there was a boy named Shaz. He was the eldest of 5 siblings consisting of 2 sisters and 3 brothers, him included.  He was a very respectable and loved elder brother.  He was a good role model for his siblings and friends too.  He was raised with the light of Deen and followed what he learned.  He knew his limits and allowances, so he was always firm in his decisions.  His school always out him up as a star student.  Bad boys were scared of him and listened to him. Some of them changed from his personality too.  Others liked him because of his habits.  Being a very good example of good awlad, his parents always used to give him duas and pray for his safety.

So, one day it happened, that he was playing football, soccer, on the open road area, where there were no cars and usually there were none.  A couple friends were playing with him, when suddenly one of the guys pushed him accidentally, causing him to fall hard on his bottom.  For a few seconds, he couldn’t breathe nor give any emotion, except stare in horror like a person in a trance.  The boys had gone to fetch the principal and at the same time, the boy who had pushed him was trying to talk to him & apologize, but Shaz was unable to talk yet.

After sometime, he came to his senses, but in a state of shock and pain.  He could feel the pain in his chest and spine when he breathed.  His whole insides were jerked up in the fall!  When he tried to get up, he yelled out and sat back!  The principal arrived with the nurse, who was also male, and they lifted him slowly to his feet, without bending.  His parents were called already, so they arrived pretty alarmed.

The nurse checked him out and told his parents to put a homeopathic gel called Arnica on him.  Then if it doesn’t work, take him to the hospital.  However, being experienced in his field, the nurse was pretty sure it was a sprain. Also, Shaz was able to walk now, so he suggested this medicine before big options.

The boy who had pushed him was so guilty about his fault, that he visited Shaz daily and constantly apologized, but Shaz told him, “Hey dude, cool off…I’m ok!” “No biggy…accidents happen pal!”  Only after that did he relax a bit, otherwise he was very ashamed.

Now about the injury, it ended up being a sprain.  Now, the major point here is that when the awlad of parents are naik, Allah protects them.  Though Shaz had gotten injured, t wasn’t life threatening or deadly.  If Allah had wanted, it could’ve been opposite, but his deeds and actions saved him in Allah’s view!  Plus, parents’ prayers for their son too!



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