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Complex Behaviors

Many times there are sayings,

That are said by elders,

Or experienced folk,

About the way of behaving,

In different societies,

For the likes,

Such as high low and average,

In these,

People usually have a level of complexity,

Meaning they try to be like the other class,

Rather than their own,

This behavior causes them to look more idiotic,

And lose their own identity and respect,

So apparently my opinion also states,

That this is true,

Because it happens so often,

Being a part of current society,

I advise that folk stop this nonsense,

And be what they are freely,

Without any complex emotions,

Sure they come,

But trash them,

And stick to Allah’s path,

That’s much better for you!



I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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