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Chaotic Days

Rebellion in a family,

Always leads to bad days,

Especially if that person,

Who just rebelled,

Is an elder,

Not only does he suffer,

On the inside,

But so does his family,

Because he’s the role model,

For the youngsters,

And the more attached too,

When he rebels against home law,

Or actually the correct law,

In some cases,

He’s openly declaring denial,

Which is a bad effect for the young ‘uns,

Some already show effects immediately,

The others who are immature,

Apparently are normal,

But have emotional effects still,

While they can be taught the right thing,

It’s still pretty much a tough job,

And the family is stuck too,

With what to do,

With a crazy dude,

Who is spreading chaos,

Wherever he goes!



I am writer and poet who has written many works and still writing. Mission: To spread what I know!

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