Ballads, Mindful

Sarah Crew

A very cheery little life,

Who grew  motherless,

Into a lass of six,

Father the owner of diamonds,

And loving being in her home,

Then a day he takes her,

To a hostel for education,

Although she is homesick,

She knows her Dad will be there,

For her at all times thru letters,

And in emergent calls immediately,

But sadly he died & the mistress,

Of school mistreated her with prejudice,

Because she was rich & suddenly poor,

For father had died of loss shock,

Of a fraud done behind his back,

Still the wench lived a stable life,

With all the mistreatment,

Until one day a man came,

Next to her hostel from her hometown,

She met him for exchange of pet,

And he asked her her history,

From the way of her manners,

And he exclaimed with surprise,

For he was her father’s loyal friend,

From there he told her,

the actual fraud situation,

That it was false,

That the diamonds were stolen,

He had the saved inheritance,

Of her future,

And so he became the legal guardian,

Of the poor little princess,

As for her mistress,

She was threatened to be sued,

For mistreatment of pupils,

So ends the ballad,

Of Sarah Crew!

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